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What began as a fifteen-minute radio broadcast went on for decades! CBS’s ‘Guiding Light’ has been part of an extraordinary journey. Can a new decade mean a new hope? Can ‘Guiding Light’ return for season 6?

More than a decade has passed ‘guiding Light’ The last time we came on our TV screens, but people still remember the over-the-top drama and deception of this classic soap opera. ‘Guiding Light’ by CBS broke all records and its name was recorded in “Guinness Tech Record”. It is the longest running drama on TV. As all good things come to an end, this old man also retired from the screen after season 5, it’s no surprise that people still want to. ‘Guiding Light ‘to reboot for season 6, But can it really happen?

main characteristics –

  • Longest running drama
  • Fans want reboot to be ‘guiding light’
  • Can ‘Guiding Light’ Return With Season 6?

Longest running drama

‘Guiding Light’ began its journey via radio and in 1952 it was screened. During its earlier television years, the show was called. ‘The Guiding Light’ And was initially launched on NBC Radio in 1937. Later in 1947, the base shifted to CBS Radio and was a part of radio broadcasting for a total of 15 years. In 1952, CBS It was decided to launch the show on television as ‘Guiding Light’ and from there the show ran for a period of 5 years for 57 years.

Video Credit: Springfield Insider

Produced by Irna Phillips, ‘Guiding Light’ was released just before season 6. When CBS first introduced ‘Guiding Light’ as a television series, it was limited to a 15-minute slot, which later changed to a 30-minute slot in 1968. , And finally 1977 and subsequent one-hour slots.

As the longest running drama on television, ‘Guiding Light’ followed the dramatic life of multi-generational families in Springfield. For 57 years on TV, the show focused on various characters and families. For example, at the beginning of its television years, the focus of the show was Frederick “dad“Bauer and his family, while also searching for some subplots. As soon as the show arrived in the mid-1960s, the focus was on Bill and Burt’s family.

Guiding Light Season 6

The focus shifted back to the main characters, introducing new and minor characters in the mid-1970s. By the time the show entered the 80s, many new families such as Coopers, Reardon, and Lewis had been introduced to some older characters and families. The 2000s and what was the last decade for ‘Guiding Light’ split the focus between Springfield and San Cristobel, as the Winslow and Santos crowd joined the main league.

Fans want reboot to be ‘guiding light’

Like any long-running series, even ‘Guiding Light’ suffered a drop in its ratings during later seasons. Perhaps this is why CBS decided to discontinue the show after the completion of Season 5, replacing it with a talk show. However, none of the loyalty is greater than that of the fan and if they were given the option to reboot an old classic, it would be ‘Guiding Light’. Fans want the reboot for ‘Guiding Light’ season 6 to be more than any other show. It’s not like we can blame them, who doesn’t remember a good old drama?

“Goldderby” held a poll where viewers had to choose between ‘Guiding Light’ and another classic, ‘As the world turn’, As one of the two they want to be rebooted. While some votes went to ‘As Tech Turns’, ‘Guiding Light’ also received impressive support. A fan wrote,

“Director Prakash. In the end it was like a whole park full of characters. ATWT stopped being good in the early 90s.

Can ‘Guiding Light’ Return With Season 6?

CBS canceled ‘Guiding Light’ after completing season 5 in 2009. Needless to say the decision was a setback for fans. However, the owner of the show, “Procter & Gamble” The show promised to look for alternative ways to breathe. Brian T. Cahill, member of “Procter and Gamble” What was said,

“We’re working hard to get the show a new home, and we’re exploring all our options so that loyal fans continue to love the characters and stories.”

Despite all efforts, it was impossible for the ‘Guiding Light’ to succeed at any point. Cahill What was said,

“We are engaged in serious discussions with many networks, so that we leave no stone unturned in our effort to put the show elsewhere. Unfortunately, despite the immediate and dedicated efforts of many, we have not been able to secure an outlet to pursue the show. We are deeply disappointed by this result, but we believe that we have exhausted every possible option.

That being said, people still haven’t given up and “#ReigniteTheLight”. However, so far, ‘Guiding Light’ has been canceled and there are no signs for a Season 6 reboot.

Have you seen ‘Guiding Light’? What are your favorite moments from the show? Let us know in the comments below!

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