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We all grew up seeing Doraemon’s magic and wonders and adopted some of Shin-chan’s mischievous deeds. This anime series became very special for us and killed our childhood. But we remember such crimes, don’t we? We would not like to say and you will agree with us if you are interested in the anime series “Hachi- Naan TTE, Sore wa Nai Deso!” will see. Or better known as the 8th son? Are you kidding me? “The show is produced by the same production house as the previously mentioned animations that entertained us yet again and is a scene for sore eyes for anime lovers .

Release Date: Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai des hou!

The show made its debut in 2020 and included a total of 12 episodes and did not even cover five percent of the original versions of the manga. However, the manufacturers neither confirmed nor denied the shoe’s renovation. But, given its viewership and success, it would be most likely to narrate the rest of the story and, given its scope, there should be no problem in continuing it. If the show returns we can expect to see it by March or April 2022.

Cast: Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai des hou!

The show features an extensive cast giving the characters their voice, with the show featuring Junya Enoki portraying Wendelin and Benjamin Diskin and Asuka Nishi in Japanese as Elzie in Japanese and Reba Bihar in English. He is accompanied by Hiro Shimano and Billy Kamej as Irwin, Yunnan Mimura, and Cherami Leigh as Lewis, Mikako Komatsu as Laine, and Erica Mendez, Wilma, Tomohito Takatsuka as Mao and Veronica Taylor. Roderick has Yusaku Yara and Patrick as Brentac Linggust in the role of Kazi Tang and Alfred Rainford alongside Xander Mobis and Daisuke Namikawa.

Plot: Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai des hou!

Like the show’s renewal and release date, the upcoming plot of the series is also wrapped up, but viewers who knew the story of the manga would know what to expect in season 2. Marriage but our hero is not yet off the hook. He just has to go through troubles to get married and before he settles down once and for all. However, we have to wait for the official statement from the show’s producers and actors.

Story: Hachi- naan tte, sor wa nai des hau!

The story revolves around a normal person who is basically a 25-year-old adult but magically wakes up in a boy’s body. He learns that he is the 8th and last son of an aristocratic family known as the Bemister family. However, he later learns that the family barely has anything left and that what is left will be inherited by their first son and others will be left on their own. However, Wendelian made his own discovery when he could perform magic in an orb and how it changed his life.

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