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TORONTO, November 17, 2020 / CNW / – Muse® Intercon Inc., a leading consumer neurotechnology and meditation company, today announced the launch of its latest feature, overnight sleep tracking for its latest device model, Museum® S. This new feature release will be available to all existing Museum S customers at no additional cost through a software update 1 December 2020 And is the first step in harnessing the power of their award-winning advanced EEG technology to provide laboratory-grade sleep tracking insights from the comfort of home.

This free software update gives current and future Museum S users access to new features that allow them to accurately track the deep, light, and sleep cycle patterns of REM sleep they are achieving each night And at the same time gain insight into sleep performance Sleep Efficiency helps track improvement each morning and builds their best sleep habits for restful sleep.

New museum features include:

  • Sleep stage tracking and visualization: See how quickly you slept and how relaxed your sleep was through lab-accurate descriptions on the sleep state pattern and how much time you spent at each sleep stage each night (Sleep, Rem, Light, Deep).
  • Sleep status tracking: Sleep status shows how much time you have spent in each sleeping position throughout the night, so you can see patterns for how your sleeping position can affect your sleep quality.
  • Sleep efficiency score: Monitor and improve your overall sleeping ability by keeping track of how much time you are spending at each sleep stage, as well as your efficiency in being able to achieve a resting state.
  • [COMING January ’21] Deep Sleep Insights and Points: Measure the total volume and intensity of your deep sleep with deep sleep points. On top of the total time spent in deep sleep, you will be able to know how much your brain relaxes during deep sleep based on changes in slow wave (aka delta wave) activity.
  • [COMING January ’21] Apple HealthKit Integration: Get continuous tracking: Recharge the wearable device on your wrist at bedtime, and fill in the gaps for a 360 view of your health and well-being.

Building on the company’s current roster of current winner biofeedback devices, Museum® S was initially launched January 2020 Offering a versatile, comfortable form factor and All-New Responsive Sleep Journey as Intersex’s first step into the consumer sleeping space. Now popular sleep trips are basically a mix of teacher-led voice guidance with biofeedback sounds that respond to a truly personalized sleeping soundtrack to a user’s physical condition.

Now with the launch of these first-generation sleep tracking features, Muser S enhances its easy-to-know feedback, enhancing feedback training for your brain and body, helping users understand and track Is how well they concentrate, sleep and recharge. Can reset during the day and recharge overnight.

“If we really want to improve our ability to get a better sleep, then knowing exactly what is happening during the night starts with the brain … and EEG what happens in the brain at night Is the only practical technique to measure it properly ” Chris aimone, Muse® co-founder and CTO. “We know that good science takes time, and developing an effective and accurate sleep solution has been our most beneficial and difficult challenge to date. By giving our community access to these powerful new features in December, we leverage our feedback Lift will be able to engage with its community and focus on real results as we refine our EEG-powered sleep technology. We are truly excited to help our users better understand how Sleep, stay asleep and improve your sleep, so that they can feel calm and focused during the day and be active again each morning. ”

In addition, when you purchase a monthly or annual guided meditation membership, you will have access to a library of over 500 meditation-rich materials from renowned meditation teachers. It includes a variety of relaxation techniques and curated guided meditation collections to keep you focused on particular goals (eg, sleep, performance, stress and more). For beginners or those seeking more guidance, the membership offers in-depth courses with step-by-step instructions, such as the Sleep Basics course by Drs. Shelby Harris, A specialist in behavioral sleep therapy.

Pricing and availability
Muse® S is available now $ 349.99 USD / € 379.99 / £ 329.99 / $ 538.99 AUD / $ 449.99 CAD on www.choosemuse.com And in amazon North America, European Union and Britain.

To unlock unlimited access to the library of 500+ teacher-led guided meditations with new content released monthly, you can also subscribe to the Guided Meditation membership $ 12.99 USD Per month or $ 94.99 USD Per year.

About Saraswati® By Interaxon Inc.:
At Muse®, our team of neuroscientists, meditation teachers, and engineers develop cutting-edge experiences using research-grade EEG technology. Our mission is to help individuals build rewarding meditation and sleep practice to lead healthier, happier, more connected lives through human-centered technology. Our award-winning neurofeedback tool, and offering premium content of guided meditation with responsive learning functionality, helps users improve attention and sleep hygiene, so that real-time audio feedback is delivered through their® companion app Could. We make intangible, tangible.

More information about Muse® is available www.choosemuse.com.

We are excited about the milestone:

  • # Of employees: 45+
  • Office: Toronto, Ontario
  • Meditation sessions with the museum®: More than 100 million minutes to date and currently the largest brain data (EEG) collection in the world.
  • Research Institute using Muse®: Mayo Clinic, NASA, Harvard, Together, U, T, UCL, UCSD, Inria, UVic, UBC, and many more.
  • Meditate with Muse® functions: In a recent study Catholic University Of Milan Showed that the museum with four weeks® Significantly beneficial neuroplastic changes in users’ brains as well as stress have been significantly reduced compared to controls. Original published letter from 1The study of Balconi Lab can be found here And here.
  • Untangled Podcast: Over 4 million plays. Podcast host Patricia Karpas And Aerial garden Interview thoughtful writers, experts, and leaders in fields related to thoughtfulness, sleep, neuroscience, brain health practices, and more.

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