Happy Lohri 2021: Some special tips to celebrate eco friendly Lohri, festivals will become special

Eco Friendly Lohri Celebration Tips: Today, the festival of Lohri will be celebrated all over the country with great joy and gaiety. The festival of Lohri is celebrated on 13 January in Paush month, mainly in North India and Punjab. On this day, people light a stove in the middle of the courtyard of the house, sing pleasant, dance and sing with each other. Why not double the joy and love of your festival by celebrating this 12 month eco friendly Lohri. Let us know how you can celebrate 12 months by adopting these tips eco-friendly Lohri.

Use less wood

Pledge to use a restricted amount of wood during this 12 months to lighten the Lohri chimney. Make a small bonfire to burn this 12 month Lohri as opposed to the last 12 months. By doing this the smoke will be very less and the air will also be comparatively clean.

Do not use cow dung to burn the stove.

The burning of cow dung causes excess air pollution. The dung burns faster and produces additional smoke. Due to which the person has problems with respiration and in addition the amount of air pollution will increase.

Do not use dry leaves to burn the chimney.

The use of dry leaves and branches to make bonfire is an old Lohri practice. This 12 months, do not burn dry leaves to prevent the emission of toxic gases.

Try to make a single bonfire

Instead of personally celebrating and burning Lohri, all the people of the neighborhood gather together at a certain time and collectively at the same place and celebrate Lohri.

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