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Have you ever watched a series with a great motivational and funny imaginary friend, that is, even through the mind of an angry drunk man? Well, Happy is the perfect series for you. Home to Sify’s network, Glad Is a dark comedy featuring a detective turn hitman and his fictional friend Happy. Happy casts such as Christopher Meloni, Patton Oswalt, etc. are cast in the lead roles. The series also captured audiences upon its first release and received good ratings and reviews. Now, everything is known about its third season and the future of the series whether it is ever coming back or not.

Renewal Status and Release Date: Happy Season 3

Happy came back for its second season, seeing good reviews and ratings from the first season. Its renewal resumed in January of 2018 and a year later a second season aired from March to May 2019. It is disappointing news for viewers that Happy is not returning after its second season. The series did not do too well for its second season, which leads to its cancellation. Also, many other series with Happy were canceled. However, the series is being sent to various other networks for broadcast. If a network or streaming ever wants to pick it up, the series can renew. Since the series is not releasing for a second season, there is no release date yet.

Cast: Happy Season 3

May feature happy cast Christopher Meloni, Bryce Lorenzo, Richie Coster, Christopher Fitzgerald, Lily Miroznik, Patton Oswalt, Medina Senghor and Patrick Fischler in the lead roles if they ever return. He portrayed Nick Sachs, Hailey Louise Hansen, Francisco Mr. Blue, Louis Sheinberg, Meredith “Merry” McCarthy, Happy, Amanda Hansen, Smoothie or The Bunny. There was also the appearance of recurring characters who may find their place again for the third season, such as Joseph D. Reitman, Antonia Ray, Debbie Mazar, Jamie Kelton, Laura Poe and Laura Darrell. If the series returns for a second season, various other new cast members may be in attendance.

Plotline: Happy Season 3

There is no fixed, scheduled plotline for season three of Happy, the series does not continue. But, there are a lot of areas left to search for many loose ends in the last season. There is no indication or news about the additional plot. The series will return to Nick’s adventures and humor and fun with his fictional blue lilies. Audiences can, by then, trace all of their previous seasons.

Future: Happy Season 3

The future of Happy’s season three is now getting clouded with renewal. Until then, fans can only wish for some good news for another season, giving everyone an excellent ending. There is an online petition on the Change.org website. Netflix asked fans to save the series by creating the streaming service’s original series. It remains to be seen what the future holds for the show.

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Trailer: Happy Season 3

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