“Harden had his hands before pushing Queenie”: Kavya Leonard, Head Coach Tyronn Lu reacted to James Harden’s flop, which cost the Clippers game. sport


Clippers star Qui Leonard and head coach Tyronn Lue talked about the offensive moments, being the 2-time Finals MVP in the closing moments.

The Los Angeles Clippers were 112–108 shorter than the Kevin Durant-less Brooklyn Nets on Sunday night. It was a game in which the Clippers made an ascent after being down 10 points to start the final period, and coming as close as 2 points.

However, a defensive ‘play’ by James Harden on the drive of Qui Leonard sealed the deal for the Nets.

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Leonard drove to the basket, 10 seconds on the clock and trailing the Clippers 110-108. From the clip, it can be seen that Harden held Leonard’s hand, and as he finished, Kavi was expecting an A-1. However, due to James Harden’s flop, the call was an offensive foul. Leonard wanted to challenge the same, but the Clippers lost their challenge in the first quarter.

Qui Leonard, Tyronn Lue Reacts to James Harden’s Flop

Kavi Leonard, due to his temperament, did not have much to talk about in the final play. When asked about the same, Leonard said:

“You know, if I am going to play too much bull at the end of the game then it will be allowed to play from both sides, but they didn’t call it a good defense. I got caught early, but like I said no call. Is, therefore very defended.

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Leonard had a 29 point, 12 rebound performance for the night, but eventually fell short. When coach Ty Liew was asked about the same play, he did not talk much, but Kavya gave more than he did. He Said:

“They called it. We cannot do anything about it now. I am not a big complaining man. Some people said that Harden had his arm before pushing Kavya … that’s it.

Shearney will play the Wizards the following day on Tuesday to complete his homestand, as they leave for a 5-game road trip until the All-Star break.

The Nets were back home after a 5–0 road trip to the West, where they went up without KD in 4 of those 5 contests. They will face the Kings on Tuesday.

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