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More than 20 years have passed since the first Harry Potter book was released, but fans are still wondering why Harry and Hermione are not a couple!

last time Two decades, ‘Harry Potter’ Fans have complained about a million things. From JK Rowling’s After years of random revelations about the characters they were written to the author’s shocking transphobic remarks, Fandom has generated much discussion.


  • Harry was never attracted to Hermione and vice versa
  • Hermione is very bossy, even for her
  • JK Rowling wanted Ron and Hermione to be a couple

However, there is one question that still haunts him today. Why are Ron and Hermione a couple and Harry and Hermione are not? They are a more obvious match because their friendship is based on love and mutual respect, so why are they not together?

Some ‘Harry Potter’ fan champions Harry and Hermione’s friendship and relationship It is one of the best in literature. They love and care deeply for each other, only because they are not suited to live together. They are best friends, but they differ from each other in terms of personality, rationality and their impulses.

read on As we uncover some details about Harry and Hermione’s friendship that explains why they are not suited to being a couple.

Harry and Hermione

Harry was never attracted to Hermione and vice versa

There is a plethora of books out there that do not make it to the movies, which is why fans have a Assuming that Harry and Hermione were just friends. From the very beginning, both books and films set the course for their friendship in the smallest of ways. In ‘Magician stone‘, Harry quickly realizes that Hermione can attack by the troll and leads Ron to save her.

In ‘chamber of Secrets’, When Hermione returns (after being petrified), he runs towards Harry and hugs her, but not Ron. The scene confirms how comfortable she already was with Harry! Ron is also her close friend, but they do not share the bond that Harry and Hermione had.

When Harry realizes that Hermione is beautiful, ‘Goblet of Fire’ has a Yule Ball. He quickly became attracted to Cho Chang, Fleur Delacour, and even Parvati Patil, but he does not see Hermione as such. When Hermione meets Victor Krum, he is attracted to her and Harry is not bothered by it at all. He was more interested in Cho Chang and was disappointed when he couldn’t take him to the Yule Ball.

Hermione is very bossy, even for her

Hermione was always protective of Harry, as he was on her side, but they never fit into a romantic relationship. It is for this reason that it is the way that Harry likes humor, and Hermione is much more logical and serious. She is also very intelligent, and sometimes hurries to judge, Resulting in an unhealthy relationship.

Hermione can hardly read the room, and acts impatiently towards Harry, who proves He’s not really a good listener. She will happily tell him what she should do and make sure she does, but she talks to him shortly. These are her character traits, and they don’t make her a bad person, just not a suitable companion for Harry. Ginny, on the other hand, listens to Harry, she tells him to speak her mind without cutting. Harry needed someone to trust him, and he finds that in Guinea!

For Hermione, she feels full Her feelings for Ron during Yule Ball, When she does not believe she is going with anyone else. They have an argument where it clearly appears Jealous of ron, But does nothing about it.

JK Rowling wanted Ron and Hermione to be a couple

In 2014, writer JK Rowling admitted that he should have teamed up with Harry and Hermione. In an interview with “Time”, he said, “In some ways, Hermione and Harry are a better fit”. Fans agreed with him as they would be a really great pair! They are always happy for each other, and more than anything, when other people are happy.

When asked why Ron and Hermione are getting married, she said,

“I wrote the Hermione / Ron affair as a wish fulfillment. That’s how it was conceived, really. For reasons that have little to do with literature and more to connect with me in the plot There’s a lot as I first thought, Hermione ended up with Ron.

Why the chosen one and his brilliant sidekick never got together is a question that has troubled us for years. We think it was for a greater reason, to prove that sometimes, a great friendship is better than a forced romance!

Do you think Harry and Hermione should have been a couple? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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