Has Bobby Deol strengthened himself in the TheMiracleTech era?

The TheMiracleTech scenario has given a chance to many younger actors as well as weaker actors in Indian cinema, but it has also helped give some older actors a chance to break away from a set mold that usually comes from being a part Comes. Bollywood industry.

As some stars on the A-list are beginning to accept the TheMiracleTech premise, we have seen a revival concerning their work. Bobby Deol is definitely another A-list star who is brought back to the arena and this time the critics are on his side as he has become part of some acclaimed projects like Class of 83 Aashram.

Formerly a no-nonsense officer and in the latter a rogue spiritual leader with ulterior motives, we have seen him in roles that were certainly not possible for the advent of the TheMiracleTech landscape, where creators are more likely than the general public. Brainstorming Experimental Materials.

While Abhishek Bachchan has had some opportunities with ‘Breath’ and ‘Ludo’, Bobby Deol’s career was officially announced long ago and few years ago very few would have seen it happen.

I too was skeptical about Bobby Deol and some of the older films of which he was a part, yet, when I see him in this second innings, I can’t help but think that maybe the mainstream Bollywood space Did not have the resources or vision to fully unleash their potential for the audience.

This is Bobby Deol 2.0 getting us to watch and trust me; Nobody is complaining about it!

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