Has Safa Malik supported his brother Zayn Malik even after the betrayal? Safa Malik’s career, net worth, boyfriend

Safa Malik came into the limelight in two ways, one is his marriage to high school sweethearts and the other is one of the sisters of Dildar Zain Malik.

Quick facts of Safa Malik:

  • Famous for: Zayn Malik’s sister
  • Date of Birth: 13 September 2002
  • Parents: Trisha and Yasser Malik
  • Siblings: Duniya Malik, Lahariya Malik, Zayn Malik
  • Nationality: British
  • Net Worth: N / A
  • Spouse / Lover: Martin Taser

Zayn and Safaa Cute friendship:

Safa was born on 13 September 2002 in England to Trisha and Yasser Malik, a bi-racial parent. Safa Malik is known as the sister of Zeen Malik. She is the youngest and midwife of the former One Direction member. She supported him through social media while Zayn was in One Direction Band. Also, after the dissolution, she still reached her brother.

How is she recognized by the world?

Prior to fame, Safa was a great human assistant to his brother Zayn Malik, following his dissolution from One Direction. Later, she was identified as the best sister of former One Direction sensation, Zayn Malik. Although he is not an active influencer on social media, he has over five lakh followers on Instagram. Zayn’s sister is currently living happily in Bradford, England with her high school sweetheart, Martin Teaser. However, there were a lot of rumors and hatreds for Safa Malik’s life. Eventually, she gave birth to a daughter named Zaneyah in January 2020.

Total assets of Safa Malik

Encouraged by the continued support and attraction for his brother, many fans would prefer Safa to come out, as it was noted in 2019 that he has a follower base of around 440+ well-wishers as well as enemies. So in this way, Safa Malik’s net worth would be worthwhile if he took the opportunity to be influential on social media. So far, she is not a celeb, but a loving family. Along with her mother and sister, she is currently engaged in a beauty salon and fashion blogging. Safa’s net worth is not much to comment on.

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