HD Medical unveils Healthy You ™ at CES, world’s first intelligent all-in-one telehealth and a remote patient monitor for wellness – Tech

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– HealthyU ™ monitors many diagnostic parameters in addition to a built-in 7-lead ECG and stethoscope in a simple device –
– Enables patient and provider to connect remotely through an integrated platform –

At CES’21, HD Medical Inc Today introduces Health ™ ™, a remote patient monitoring remote health, cardiac care and a remote patient monitoring tool in response to ongoing challenges of the epidemic.

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HealthyU ™, the world’s first intelligent all-in-one remote patient monitor for telehealth and wellness. HD Medical Inc.’s HealthU ™ is an on-home monitoring device that addresses the ongoing challenges of remote telehealth, cardiac care and wellness during the epidemic and beyond. (Graphic: Business Wire)

HealthyU ™ is the first home appliance to provide:

  • 7-lead ECG (without wires)
  • Heart sounds with Muram analysis
  • Lung voice
  • Heart rate
  • Pulse Omsatry (SpO2 / Blood Oxygen Saturation)
  • Temperature
  • Respiratory rate
  • Tendon blood pressure

Future telehealth, home monitoring and wellness

As the medical community looks for new ways to deliver care, HealthU ™ takes many complex health care devices and makes them easy for the patient and provider through a simple HD-through HD app and Intelligent Insight for HD Uses to connect via cloud platform. Or even with any video conferencing and screen sharing tool for remote consultation.

Providers can listen live using heart and lung sounds HD Steth ™, Approved by the FDA in July 2020 for HD Medical’s flagship intelligent stethoscope technology, electronic stethoscope, phonocardiograph and electrocardiograph.

First available to people with cardiac care and monitoring needs, Healthy You ™ is available to research partners for employee welfare proposals of this caliber and clinical partners to corporate welfare partners, as well as to IRB protocols in accordance with FDA regulations Under is also available for telehealth pilot programs. . HD Medical will seek emergency use authorization from the FDA to make it available in the US and to fully notify doctor-patient visits at home during the epidemic and beyond.

CES HD Unveils Medical Healthy You

“I have been treating patients for almost a year now and the epidemic severely limited my ability to understand my patient’s condition. As we move forward, the telehealth represents a shift in healthcare delivery during the epidemic and beyond. HealthyU will play an important role and promise not only to save lives but to improve the quality of life for all patients, ”Dr. Nelson b. Schiller, MD, FACC, FRCP, Professor of Medicine and Anesthesia, UCSF.

“HealthyU is one of those rare medical devices that is truly a game changer in patient care. Being user-friendly and clinically sound, this device can be used in many different clinical scenarios. And it can actually be a lifeboat for patients with multitudiners who have it. The possibility of home care, “Dr. Sean Setty, MD of The Larry and Helen Hogg as chairman of pediatric heart surgery in Los Angeles, CA.

Arvind said, “There is a greater emphasis on the need to advance remote patient monitoring technology in 2020, which is why we have prioritized bringing integrated sensors and intelligent insights into the home to provide access to patients during care Be easy to do and viable for providers. ” Thiagarajan, founder and CEO of HD Medical. “Healthy You ™ performs wireless ECGs outside of the hospital, including the rectum and other vital vitals. By simplifying the remote monitoring process, we have ensured that this technology can be used by anyone who needs it is. “

HealthU is currently used for testing only, not for sale in the United States until after FDA approval. HD Medical expects Healthy U to be available for sale in the US by the third quarter of 2021, subject to the FDA clearance process, which is running fast. Meanwhile, HealthYU will be available to clinical partners for research and corporate welfare programs, as well as telehealth pilot programs under the IRB protocol according to FDA regulations.

To become a HealthyU ™ partner, email [email protected]

About HD Medical, Inc.

HD Medical, Inc. Is a Silicon Valley-based innovator of digital health solutions for AI-enabled detection and management of heart disease (CVD). HD Steth has been awarded FDA clearance (K201299). The company distributes its intelligent cardiac care solutions and products globally through channel partners to medical professionals and institutions. journey www.HealthyU.ai And www.hdmedicalgroup.com.

Note to editors: HealthyU, HD Stay, HD Apps and HD Cloud Platform HD Medical, Inc. Are registered trademarks of. All other product, service or organization names are property of their respective owners.

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