“He is walking, he is walking!” – Romain Grosjean accident in Bahrain was a major concern for Haas engineers


“He is walking, he is walking!” – Romain Grosgen crashed in Bahrain and somehow made it out alive, recruiting engineers from his Haas race.

Romain Grosgen was the story of the F1 2020 season, as he survived a fireball accident in Bahrain. It is predominantly Dominic Haines, Haas’s race engineer. They talked about this terrible day Canal plus, And how the entire event aired.

“On the first lap of the race, one of the key things we look at is making sure the data from the car is coming back right, so we are really focusing on the telemetry data being streaming. Suddenly the data stopped, and he stopped when 200 km / h and the bus cut.

“Immediately, you go to the radio and say are you okay?” And worst of all, silence. There was about 30 seconds which was just a terrible sensation. [But then] Someone saw another feed ‘He’s moving, he’s moving’ and I heard that coming in my ear and then you know, well, he’s out of the car, he’s fine. But until then it was just a terrible, terrible day. “

The worst concern is for chief race engineer Romain Grosgen.

Aiyo Komatsu, Haas’ chief race engineer, admitted to being “concerned about the worst”.

“When the race started, I was watching both of my friends onboard [footage]. Initially, I didn’t think it was Romain and then I looked at the GPS ‘Oh, Gros, Roca’. I don’t know the best way to say it, but I still couldn’t believe it … worried about the worst. I just could not process in my head that someone would get out of that fire so soon. “

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