Here’s coming to Netflix India this week on September 2020!

This is going to be a hell of a week on Netflix India, with a massive number of titles coming on the streaming giants. But don’t worry that we won’t let you drown in the content ocean of Netflix. We have a full week for you.

Some Spotlight titles coming this week Netflix india Serious Men (2020), The Boys in the Band (2020), Wentworth Season 8 (2020), Good Morning, Veronica Season 1 (2020) and David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet (2020).

So let’s see what is coming in Netflix India from September 29, 2020 to October 4, 2020.

Michelle Butew Welcome to Butupia _ Netflix Standup Comedy Special
Tuesday (September 29) –

Michelle Buto: Welcome to Butupia (2020) –
Is a Netflix stand-up comedy where Michelle Bateau will make you laugh at relationships, paternity, cultural differences, and the real people who watch them.

Wednesday (30 September) –

The Boys in the Band (2020) –
This Gay Netflix drama, based on the famous 1968 drama, is directed by Joe Mantello. In 1968 a birthday party in New York turns upside down when a surprise visitor stops a crowd of seven gay men.

American Murder: The Family Miracle Door (2020) –
A true crime investigative document, which uses raw, firsthand footage to investigate the disappearance of Shanan Vats and her children and the horrific events that followed.

Sorry to both you (2018) –
A dark comedy sci-fi film that follows a follower who, on the advice of a colleague, easily climbs up the ladder of corporate success, but only to plunge into corporate and moral chaos.

Wentworth (Season 8) (2020) –
This gritty prison drama has already made a name for itself and this latest season will take the intensity to the next level with some new and some unexpected arrivals in prison.

Poacher netflix
Pocher (2018) –
A thrilling short film directed by Tom Whitworth follows a desperate farmer who steals illegal ivory from a group of international terrorists and gets himself into a major trouble.

Baxu and the Giants (2019) –
A short film about rhino poaching initiates social change in a village in rural Namibia, seen through the eyes of a 9-year-old girl.

Masmer Classics (Season 1) (2013) –
An adult animation series that uses dark comedy and whimsical characters to present a comedic view of the changes and cultural changes taking place in Saudi Arabia from 2011–2019.

The Little Stranger (2018) –
A Gothic play based on the anonymous book by Sarah Waters and directed by Linnie Abrahamson. When a doctor is asked to go to a luxurious manor house to treat an ailing maid, he uncovers some supernatural mystery that connects to his past.

Thursday (1 October) –

Carmen Sandiego (Season 3) –
An animation series where Carmen, a master thief, travels the world and foils Ville’s evil plans using her skills.

Familiar Wife (Season 1) –
A fantasy Korean series in which time travels with an emotional, romantic touch.

Surprise (2017) –
An inspiring story about a boy with a face difference facing the outside world.

Deepwater Horizon (2016) –
Based on the 2010 catastrophe that took place in the Epping Oil rig and the actions that led to it.

Siriana (2005) –
Starring George Clooney and Matt Damon, it is a tale of greed and corruption in the global quest for oil.

The Laser (2010) –
A group of CIA operatives band together to land their treacherous people in this CIA Evans, Zoe Saldana starrer film.

American Assassin (2017) –
Follows the story of a terrorist student who seeks vengeance after being harmed by a terrorist attack and is seen by the CIA.

Child 44 (2015) –
The film featuring Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman was set in Russia in the 1950s where a former war hero investigates a serial killer.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) –
A rom-com where a Greek girl from a strict family falls in love with a non-Greek man.

Family (2018) –
A sci-fi adventure filled the action drama with another weapon and a secret battle.

Good Morning, Veronica (Season 1) –
A Brazilian show that follows an untapped cop trying to solve mysterious cases.

Space Jam (1996) –
A Kids movie where Bugs Bunny and his friends forced Michael Jordan out of retirement to play basketball for him.

Tech Trade Center (2006) –
An Oliver Stone film starring Nicholas Cage after a rescue operation following the tragic collapse of the Tech Trade Center.

Daylight (1996) –
A Sylvester Stallone starrer action thriller about a rescue mission from an underwater tunnel.

Charlotte’s Web (2006) –
There is a feel good kids movie featuring Julia Roberts where a friendly spider tries to save a pig from becoming dinner.

Facing the Giants (2006) –
An inspiring sports drama where a coach tries to get through a difficult situation with the feeling of winning.

Mortadekai (2015) –
The Johnny Depp starrer film where an urbane, sophisticated but broken elite goes into crosshairs with the Russian crowd.

Psycho – Pass: The Movie (2015) –
An animated film set in the future with a high-end surveillance tool in Japan that can predict crime.

Worst Witch (Season 4) –
The book is based on Jill Murphy, where a young girl stumbles into a magic school and learns witchcraft.

Carlos Almaraz: Playing with Fire (2019) –
An untold story of a great Los Angeles painter who inspired many people with his work. An insight into the life of a Chicano activist, sexual robber and a visionary painter.

I am living now (or me) (2019) –
An involuntary immigrant, after spending 16 years in Brooklyn, decides to return home after doing odd-paying odd TMT, but
His family tells him to stay in America.

Jessabel (2014) –
A horror mystery that follows Jessie Lauren, who walks with her father in Louisiana after an accident that left her unable to walk, but the place she hoped to find peace destroyed her life. Can do.

American Games (2019) –
An Egyptian rom-com where a financially struggling couple is put to the test when they are offered an irresistible offer by their employer.
Oktrafest netflix online streaming
Oktoberfest: Beer and Blood (Season 1) (2020) –
A Netflix series set in Munich in the 1900s, in which two rival family breweries get into a nasty fight to build a beer hall that will dominate the city’s fascinating Oktrafest.

Journey to an African Colony (Season 1) (2018) –
Based on the book of the documentary’s host, Olsupo Shesor, it is about the untold stories of the unsung heroes who fought for the independence of Nigeria.

All because of you (Pasal Cow!) (2020) –
A romantic Malaysian Netflix film that follows two co-workers who work at a hotel where one of them gets caught in a hostage scheme and finds love in an unexpected place.

Friday (2 October) –

serious man (2020) –
Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s second venture with Netflix after Sacred Games, Serious Men is the story of an impoverished downtrodden man who tries to conquer the world by portraying his dim-witted son as a genius.

A Tot Tot Cory Carson Halloween (2020) –
Cory, Chrissy and Freddy go on a hunt to find a king-size candy bar on Halloween.

Emily in Paris (Season 1) –
Emily Cooper attended her dream job in Paris, where she enjoys her adventurous life between her work, friends and romance.

You Have Got This (2020) –
A Netflix romantic comedy, the film follows a happily married couple – an advertising creative and a successful executive. But things take a turn when the husband wishes to become a father, while the wife wakes up and brings someone to a new home.

Song Dhamaka (Volume 1) (2020) –
Based on the hit podcast by Hrishikesh Hirway which started back in 2014, this Netflix series is about musicians and how they separate their songs, and piece together, create a story of how they were made.

Profile (2020) –
Set in Nigeria, Oloture follows the story of a young, naïve journalist who goes undercover as a prostitute to expose human trafficking. In this world of exploitation and violence, he finds himself in a situation from which it seems impossible to return.

Turkish Dance School (2017) –
This feel-good romantic comedy is about a woman trying to cope after a suicide attempt. She meets an aspiring doctor, who is very interested in her efforts to move through dance.

Dick Johnson’s Dead (2020) –
A documentary directed by Kristen Johnson, staging the death of her father in an inventive and comical way to prepare the two of them to face the inevitable.

A Chester Marriage (2016) –
When a man fond of football is forced to marry his childhood friend, he makes a number of attempts to get rid of him so that he stays with the person he loves.

VampiresVsTheBronx Online WatchVampire vs The Bronx (2020) –
A horror comedy directed by Oz Rodriguez, this Netflix film follows three courageous children who are from the Bronx neighborhood and how they protect their community when a group of vampire invaders arrive.

The Binding (2020) –
This Italian horror Netflix film follows a woman who goes to visit her fiance’s mother in southern Italy. Little did he know that he would have to fight a mysterious and maleistic curse to claim his daughter.

Saturday (October 3) –

Pat a Pet Como (Season 1) (2016) –
This Korean children’s show follows Como and her friends who help to understand the importance of being thoughtful and helpful.

Komopop (Season 1) (2020) –
A musical kiddos show where como, toto, komi, woba and vermis are exciting tunes and easy singalongs.

Curious Como (Season 1) (2017) –
Como and his friends shrink in size and eagerly examine the world around them, starting with one thing at a time.

Sunday (October 4) –

David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet (2020) –
An environmental Netflix documentary starring David David Attenborough, where he recounts the history of his life and the evolution of life on Earth, mourning the loss of wild places and providing a vision for the future.

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