Here’s Zee5 and ALTBalaji’s Dark 7 White above everyone else

ALTBalaji is bringing a new whatunit political crime-thriller dramaDark 7 white’. It is the story surrounding a murder mystery with seven suspects, where nothing is black and white, rather it is all dark and white. ‘Dark 7 White’ is a Zee5 and ALTBalaji club original series that will premiere on November 24, 2020.

Z Dark 7 White on Zee5 ‘and ALTBalaji is a thriller series that revolves around the youngest Chief Minister, Yudhveer Singh aka Yudi (Sumit Vyas), his mysterious assassination and breathtaking investigation to none other than Yudi’s friends Does not include Family as suspects.

Every character in ‘Dark 7 White’ has a dark secret that will eventually come up in the series to investigate the murder of all of them. Want to know who they are and what each of them is? Then you have come to the right place!

Let’s talk about the central character of the show ie Yudhveer Singh aka Yudi. He is a prince of Jaipur and believes that rules and regulations are not for the royal family. But a tight slap of a police officer made him realize that there is real power in politics. He had everything, money, power, passion and this is what has probably killed him!

When Yudi is killed during a public rally, a lot of questions arise and the most important one is who killed Yudi? Yudhi was slapped by the investigating officer ACP Abhimanyu Singh (Jatin Sarna), the same policeman, to find out. He is determined, strong and makes no nonsense for answers.

Before we reach the suspects, we have another person interested and that is Daisy Nath Chaudhary (Nidhi Singh), Yudi’s beloved fiance, who was with her when she was killed. Unhappy at the loss of the love of her life, Daisy firmly believes that she has a friend behind her murder.

And then comes the suspects of Yudi’s murder, most of whom are his own college friends. The first such suspect is Neelakshi Garg alias Neelu (Monica Chaudhary). In distress, Damsel was madly in love with UD since college, but used her for sexual pleasures, not recognizing him for what he had longed for. Is this reason enough to kill someone?

Second, we have a budding journalist Greshma (Tanya Kalra), who was always rebellious and close to UD. She is smart and knows how to get things. Could her ambitious aspirations be the reason for killing her friend UD to climb the ladder?

The third suspected politician is Kush Lamba (Kunj Anand). A college idiot and one who rivals UD in college, but somehow UD uncovers his dark secret about being gay / bisexual. This very fact leaves his post for Yudi at Kush College. So now that Yudhi is going to become CM, is it Kush who killed Yudhi with jealousy and anger?

Shashank (Sumit Singh), Gresma’s husband and an upcoming lawyer is the fourth suspect. Their marriage, however, seems to be in a bit of trouble over issues of trust between the two, given the closeness between UD and Gresma. So could it be Shashank’s jealousy that could have made him kill Yudi?

In the fifth line is Dhaval (composed Bahl), the man whom Yudi trusted completely and who was not only in charge of their security, but went to the man for anything and everything. But he knew too much about UD, so he murdered her?

The sixth suspect is Yudi’s own grandfather Shamsher Singh (Sanjay Batra), who kept him away from his mother since childhood. Yudi was ambitious and knew that the real power was in politics and not royalty and hence he wanted to create a new path for himself. Did Shamsher feel any danger or dissatisfied with this and could he be the killer of his grandson?

Finally, Yogesh (Shekhar Chaudhary) is Kush’s lover-cum-friend and Yudhi’s rival. Their rivalry begins in college when Yogesh tries to enforce the rules of the college campus and hostels on them. But since Yudi is privileged of his royalty and also knows his and Kush’s secret, Yogesh could do nothing, unless he could murder UD, did he do it?

If this is what you found and you also want to find out who actually killed Yudi, catch Zee5 on ALTBalaji and the original ‘Dark 7 White’ of ALTBalaji Club on November 24, 2020.

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