“He’s one of the better up and coming wideouts in the league.”: WFT wideout Terry McLaurin earned praise from Richard Sherman. sport

Terry McLaurin is the incarnation of the term “underrated” in the NFL. Despite not often making headlines, he has earned himself high praise from the sports elite.

McLorin reached the third round in the 2019 NFL draft, where Washington ultimately selected him. Coming out of Ohio State, he led his cheating class in receptions.

He improved in his second year, grabbing 87 catches for 1118 yards. At first glance, this does not sound very extraordinary, but when you look a little deeper, a possible limiting factor can be found.

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Terry McLaurin needs a better supporting cast by Richard Sherman

Appearing on The Chris Collinsworth Podcast features Richard Sherman, The 49th cornerback had a lot to say about McLarin. According to Sherman, WFT is the WR star, but is being held back due to a lack of options in his team.

“If he had someone else they couldn’t double him and cloud him all the time that he would be special, but that’s the tough thing, they can’t find anyone else,” Sherman said. “He’s got a group of people who like Flash, but he works hard.”

“He is one of the better and upcoming wideouts in the league.”

When you think about it, Sherman makes a highly valid point. In his 2 years in the league, he has caught passes from 7 different passers, which is never an easy adjustment.

In addition, the next two Washington leaders at the reception were TE Logan Thomas and RB JD McKissic. Neither of these 2 players can really give McLaurin some room to act like any other star wideout.

If you are the defensive coordinator for Washington, you can double Terry all night. At the moment, Washington is lacking in the firepower of crime.

And that’s exactly what is happening. Former Rams DC and current Chargers HC Brandon Staley said he had made a special preparation for Ramsay ahead of his Week 5 game against McLane.

“It’s faster than the way you think,” Staley said. “Really good after a catch, and then, I was like, guys, he works hard, he’s not like these other guys like float and drift. I like, he’s driving, and I think that man is really good. “

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