Hidden Gems: Netflix’s Dirk Gents Holistic Detective Agency

The second material that we are recommending under the “Hidden Gems” series is another Netflix Streaming web series called ‘Dirk Gentley Holistic Detective Agency’. According to most film and television series databases, this material is classified as a comic science fiction espionage series, which is at the heart of the project. But it’s more than that, with series creator Max Landis, creating a Mind Bending plot, starting with the first five minutes and taking it all the way to the end of the series.

The web series of 18 episodes was made from a comical detective novel of the same name, written by English writer Douglas Adams. The book was considered an extended universe for his hit television series ‘Doctor Who’, which is believed to be in an alternate timeline / dimension. Max Landis, the show’s producer and screenwriter, decided to take out the ‘Doctor Who’ elements and create a separate season series about “Holistic Detective”.

The first season of eight episodes premiered on 22 October 2016 on BBC America. All episodes were made available on Netflix the following month. The series was renewed for a second season (10 episodes), which they released on 14 October 2017. Against much fan outrage due to low viewership, the series was immediately canceled.

Before we get into the series summary, one must understand a keyword before looking at this fantastic series – “Composite”. Composite (according to Google) is an assumption – parts of something are interlinked and clearly in reference to the whole. If one does not understand this, we will not be surprised. For everyone else, the series is set in a universe where anything and everything that happens happens for a reason. Everyone and everything is interlinked and because of this, vague things are happening that no one knows about.

And it is of this sort of “happening” that Dirk Gentley (portrayed by Samuel Barnett), takes the “composite detective” as his cases. He seeks the interconnection of things while trying to solve his case and he spots the ropes in Todd Brotzman (portrayed by Eliza Wood) and Farah Black (portrayed by Jade Ashe) during one of them. Dirk has a mysterious past that connects him to “Project Blackwing”, a mysterious CIA project that evaluates subjects with strange abilities. Durk has to solve his case to escape the Blackwing agents, who are trying to get him and Bart (portrayed by Fiona Dorif), an “overall killer”.

The mind-bending spy series ‘Dirk Gent’s Holistic Detective Agency’ is currently running on Netflix.

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