High court strictly on employed teachers, degree check being done, otherwise salary will stop

The Patna High Court has ordered the employed teachers to check their diploma early. Teachers who do not conduct diploma examination will not receive salary from February. At the same time, the court has ordered a no-confidence motion against the officers who have received the defect in the diploma investigation. The court has additionally requested to expedite the surveillance investigation. A subsequent hearing on the case will be held on January 28.

On Wednesday, a division bench of Chief Justice Sanjay Karol and Justice Anil Kumar Sinha heard the curiosity petition filed by Ranjit Pandit. At the same time, advocate Dinu Kumar, on behalf of the applicant, directed the court that hundreds of fake teachers were absent. Are taking salary. Due to the gradual investigation, pretending teachers advance to their positions.

Senior advocate of surveillance, Anjani Kumar, directed the court that the surveillance was doing its job with complete honesty. The degree of about 3 lakh teachers is being examined. So far, 1275 certificates have been displayed. 489 FIRs have been filed. Even now hundreds of teachers have not given their certificate for the exam.

The court ordered the Monitoring Bureau to give two weeks time to present a replacement report at a later date and to know how many degrees have been dispatched for the investigation so far. How many were investigated. He additionally directed the proposal to be taken towards the officers who took action within the investigation. The court noted that there is a need to take strict steps towards the officials who were lax during the investigation. Teachers who delay the examination of their certificates will propose not to pay from the latter month.

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