These smart seats offer more than one kind of support

If social distancing has you missing your spa, massage therapist or other method of self-care—don’t fret. We’ve identified some smart seats that will support more than just your body weight. These high-tech chairs are full of features designed to make you feel great.

X-HMT by XChair

The X-HMT by XChair is an ergonomically engineered office chair that would be ideal for your work day—even if all it did was provide a seat. But fortunately for you, it does more. In addition to offering optimal back and elbow support, the X-HMT comes with four different massage modes (pentle, powerful, constant, variable) to help you melt away the stresses of the average day at work. The X-HMT also features a heat function, providing a pleasantly toasty seating experience, regardless of how cold your co-workers make the home office.

The X-HMT by XChair is available for $899 to $1,249, depending on fabrics and features.

Toto Neorest NX1

There is an unspoken seat that holds outsized influence over our lives. Yes, we’re talking toilets. This essential seat finds us at our most exposed—but the Neorest NX1 from Toto looks to improve the experience. The sleek and stylish commode features a contoured seat with five heat settings, an remote-operated bidet system that provides front and rear washing with temperature and intermittent pressure controls, a warm air dryer, and even an automated lift/close seat function that operates as soon as it detects your presence. Best of all, the Neorest tackles the worst job for any toilet owner—after eight hours of inactivity, the NX1 will automatically operate a self-cleaning process.

The Toto Neorest NX1 is available for $10,000.

Osaki 4D Escape

Looking for complete relaxation from the comfort of your home? Consider the Osaki 4D Escape. While it is most certainly a massage chair—offering full body and specialized massages with 4-D roller technology that allow for range, flexibility and precision, and six unique auto-massage programs—it does a lot more.. Sporting a futuristic-looking hood (known as the Space Capsule Cover), the Escape provides both aroma- and chromo-therapy, soothing users to serenity with scents and lights, and features two zero-gravity settings for a weightless seating experience. All that and it comes with a USB port, so you can recharge your devices while you recharge yourself.

The Osaki 4D Escape is available for $4,999 to $5,249, depending on features.