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Highest Paid NFL Player: Who currently has the richest contract in the NFL? Player contracts have increased a lot in recent years.

For example, consider this crazy fact about Dan Marino’s NFL contract:

For a quarterback of his caliber, Marino’s contract was just seen as a highway robbery. So, who is the highest paid player of the NFL? Read on to see who the top five highest-paid players are.

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Highest Paid NFL Player List:

# 1 Patrick Mahomes: Kansas City Chief, Average Salary: $ 45 Million

Mahomes made history earlier this year when they signed up to $ 503 million over a 10-year contract extension.

Having played the Mahomes over the last three years, it is easy to see why he deserved such a contract. He became the second quarterback to throw for 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns in his first year, won the Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP in his second year, and returned the Super Bowl in his third.

There is no other player who currently has talent like Mahomes in the league. Mahomes already has an MVP trophy and finished second in voting this year. Right now, he deserves to be the richest player in the NFL.

# 2. Deshan Watson: Houston Texas, Average Salary: $ 39 Million

Watson had his own MVP season in 2020-21. Watson set career highs in yards and touchdowns as he had already passed this season.

Watson’s current position with Texas is far from ideal, but there is no doubt that Watson has been one of the league’s top passers during the past four years.

Watson signed a four-year, $ 160 million extension with Texas over the previous year, but it looks like he won’t be playing the remainder of that contract in Houston. Watson is one of the best dual-threat quarterbacks in the league as his pennant has led to some crazy highlight reel plays to avoid the pass ropes.

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# 3. Russell Wilson: Seattle Seahawks, Average Salary: $ 35 Million

Wilson is the engine that makes the Seahawks dangerous. Year in and year out, you can’t really count the Seavox because of Wilson’s sheer talent and winning mentality.

Wilson’s Seahawks have faced some disappointing seasons over the years, but Wilson always makes sure they are ready to contest. Wilson has one of the league’s best deep balls, and with the emergence of DK Metcalf, he can certainly now take his game to the next level.

Wilson signed a four-year deal worth $ 140 million in 2019, so he still has time left on his expansion. However, if the Seahawks do not correct this offseason, Wilson could demand a trade this season.

# ४. Ben Rothlisberger: Pittsburgh Steelers, Average Salary: $ 34 Million

Rothlisberger is by no means locked in the Steelers’ plans for the upcoming future, but the long-lived quarterback brought Pittsburgh back to the postseason this year, and he was looking at them like a Super-Fire Bowl contender at one point .

Rothlisberger has certainly made his money, but it may be time for the Steelers to move on, so they can focus on building future title-winning teams. Big Ben signed a two-year $ 68 million extension in 2019.

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# 5 Aaron Rodgers: Green Bay Packers, Average Salary: $ 33.5 Million

Rodger is the king of the NFL for now. ‘The Bad Man’ is coming from a season in which he won MVP as he threw for just five interceptions for 48 touchdowns.

The Rodgers Packers made it back to the NFC Championship Game, but eventually could not finish a very promising season. Rodger will definitely return for the Packers and with him on the field, they will always be bound to compete for the Super Bowls.

Aaron Rodgers signed a four-year, $ 140 million deal in 2018.

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