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Qingdao, China, Jan 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / – “In 2021, as a leader in the laser display industry, Hisense will bring laser TV into the trichroma era!” On 11 January, Fisher You, president of HISENSE Visual Technology, officially announced at Virtual CES 2021 that HISENSE will launch a full range of tri-laser TVs with screen sizes ranging from 75 inches to 100-inches, and its brightness, color The gamut, and immersion experience are greatly improved. This means that Hisense officially brings laser TV to the TriChroma era.

As a global pane in the consumer electronics industry, CES has gained a lot of attention every year. Affected by the epidemic, CES 2021 embraces its first virtual event in history. Hisense made its debut at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show At 7 o’clock On 11 January. As usual, Hisense will launch the latest laser TV products as the most important part of CES. This year is no exception, and the Tri-Laser TV has been officially launched with screens ranging from 75 inches to 100 inches.

What is special about TriChroma Laser TV? Hisense laser display chief scientist Dr. Liu Jianrong introduced that the trichroma laser TV product adopts a new RGB laser light source architecture at the press conference. Different color lasers are separately packaged and finely controlled, resulting in pure color performance. The high-grade DLP solution achieves 430-night picture brightness over a regular TV.

In 2021, as a leader in the laser display industry, Hisense will bring laser TV into the trichroma era!

“From dual color to full color, we have achieved 128% improvement over the original RGB color. The TV’s highest color gamut standard can reach 107% BT2020. The three primary color light sources, with extremely high color purity, bring an amazing color performance. Color gamut coverage can reach 151% of the DCI-P3 film color standard, which is about 50% higher than end-end cinema. “Dr. Liu Jianrong said, the product experience provided by standard trichroma laser TVs has improved significantly.

“AdWords defined two key requirements for excessive viewing demands: presence and experience for display devices that need to satisfy family immersion.” Dr. Liu Jianrong introduced that laser TV makes an appearance with a giant screen. In particular, some at least 75 inches; One with full color coverage of the DCI-P3 standard, and brightness at 350 nits; And one who watches life closely and makes the eyes relaxed. As a TV product in the AIOT era, laser TV also satisfies the need of families’ desire for socialization and entertainment. For example, the new laser TVs are equipped with AI smart cameras to support deep conversations such as online karaoke and fitness.

From Hisense’s first 100-inch laser TV launched in 2014, the resolution is improved 2K Service 4K; The light source has evolved from laser-phosphor to dual-color laser, then trichroma laser; And the size has increased from 75-inch to 100-inch and now 300-inch! In just six years, all these products have received upgrades and advancements.

Laser display possibilities are growing faster than before. According to the data, overseas sales of Hisense Laser TV increased by 288% in 2020, with spectacular performances in 17 countries around the world United States, Mexico And Australia. In China, Hisense Laser TV gets three models in the top 10 best-selling list 2020. Simultaneously, the entry of Samsung, Sony, LG and other global leading manufacturers has also brought new vitality to this new display technology, dominated by it. China. The Consumer Electronics Survey Office of The China Electronics Chamber of Commerce conducted research on TV consumers over the past three years, and the results showed that the highest recommendation rate for laser TVs was 70%, higher than the industry average of 54%.

As a brand-new TV category launched only five years ago at CES, laser TV has moved from a niche market to a large market, from the point of view of consumers and manufacturers. Laser display technology is showing the characteristics of Moore’s method, and the explosive market is about to start growing.

Fisher U said that it will launch a sonic-screen laser TV, 10,000+ lumens commercial laser televisions, and a mass-produced self-raising laser TV, leading laser display technology to a new milestone.

Photo – https://themiracletech.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Hisense-Fisher-U-Laser-TV-Enters-TriChroma-Era-in-2021.jpg
Photo – https://themiracletech.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/1610376723_340_Hisense-Fisher-U-Laser-TV-Enters-TriChroma-Era-in-2021.jpg

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