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CSC, A world leader in business, legal, tax and domain protection, today released new research from its research Digital Brand Services (DBS) Division warns consumers that the simple URL Typos may carry significant online fraud, counterfeit goods, and cybercrime during the holiday season. The company identified and analyzed the registered domain typos (misspellings) associated with the 10 largest online shopping brands in the world and found that 70% 1,553 registered domain typos appear to be owned by third parties.

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according to this CSC’s new research, These third-party-owned domains receive more than five million visitors annually. In addition, 40% of these domains are using domain privacy services to hide or disguise their ownership and identity, and close to 48% are configured with MX (mail) records for phishing and email. Can be used to intercept. In its blog, CSC offers tips to both brand owners and consumers to protect themselves from fraudulent web properties and content.

A deep dive of the top 100 most visited typo domains shows that they are being used in this way:

  • 38% Advertising-related and pay-per-clicks point to web content, which can be used to spread malware through domain parking services
  • 27% There was no live web content, yet 37% were configured to send and receive emails with MX records
  • 15% Engaged in affiliate referrals, meaning that the brand owner could be targeted for unauthorized affiliate activity, resulting in loss of revenue
  • 12% Referring to shopping-related web content, which suggests that consumers can engage with nefarious retailers selling counterfeit goods while brand owners earn revenue
  • 8% Were pointing to malicious web content, such as malware

During the holiday shopping season, there can be a turnover of $ 500,000 in revenue in just one hour of downtime *. Despite this, many global eCommerce and shopping companies still lack basic domain security measures that can prevent this from happening. For example, only 16% of the top 500 global eCommerce and shopping domains use the Domain Name System (DNS), which hosts redundancy, which can protect their online presence from Distributed Delivery Service (DDoS) attacks. is. In addition, only 18% use registry locks that prevent DNS hijacking attacks that can redirect consumers to alternate websites. Finally, 40% of retailers do not use enterprise-class domain registrars. This is partly explained by the fact that 40% of visited domains still rely on retail registers that typically do not provide advanced domain security features.

In light of the global epidemic, both consumers and major brands have embraced online shopping as we head into the 2020 holiday season. Thus, we wanted to focus on how many brands and consumers are at risk for threats related to online fraud, forgery, revenue leakage and many other cyber criminal activities this year, ”says Ihab Shrim, Chief Officer for CSC “As evidence of the sheer number of mail-in votes in the US election, consumers are seeking a safer alternative to in-person interactions, and it’s important for brands to not only provide those digital channels, but also ensure Does that they are safe from online. Threat to vectors

“We are delighted that companies like CSC are advocating for companies and online brands to protect not only their brand reputation, but also their consumers from online fraud and cybercrime,” says Daniel Eliot director Daniel Eliot. Education and Strategic Initiatives at the National Cyber ​​Security Alliance (NCSA). “NCSA’s mission is to educate consumers and businesses about these credible risks, and the importance of using recommended cyber security best practices. CSC research is also an important part of advocating for consumers and illustrating the broader risk of these cyber attacks and fraudulent domains. “

additional resources:

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About CSC

CSC is the trusted provider of choice for Forbes Global 2000 and 100 Best Global Brands® Enterprise domain names, domain name systems, digital certificate management, as well as digital brands and fraud protection. As global companies make significant investments in their security currency, CSC can help them understand the known security blind spots that exist and help protect their digital assets. By taking advantage of CSC’s proprietary solutions, companies can secure their online assets to protect themselves from cyber threats, causing them to suffer revenue loss, brand reputation damage, or significant financial losses due to policies such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It helps to avoid punishment. CSC provides online brand protection – combining online brand monitoring and enforcement activities – taking a holistic approach to digital asset protection with fraud protection services to combat phishing. Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, United States since 1899, CSC has offices throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. CSC is a global company, where our customers are capable of doing business – and we accomplish that we employ experts in every business. go to cscdbs.com.

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