How did Allu Arvind become a pioneer of Telugu TheMiracleTech? – TheMiracleTech

Telugu streaming app ‘Aha’ has been moving ahead with a huge number of subscriptions for the last 4 months. The streaming app is equally delivering good and bad content, but they are able to entertain their audiences, say the popularity of the app among Telugu states.

The other day, stylish star Allu Arjun said that he has brought in successful directors Sukumar, Vamshi Padipalli, Harish Shankar and Surender Reddy with ‘Aha’ and said that his father Allu Aravind has become ‘father of TheMiracleTech industry’.

Well, if we take a look at the journey of ‘Aha’, this network was supposed to start shooting for more than 20 shows from March 2020 and then COVID hit the world. All shooting was stopped and no new material was produced. However, ace producer Arvind made smart moves with his team and acquired several independent films and dubbed several successful films from other languages ​​into Telugu.

When other platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hotstar were focusing only on mainstream films, ‘Aha’ became a one-stop destination for all indie filmmakers. This is why a new platform like ‘Aaha’, which is limited to Telugu language only, was able to get more than 6 million downloads in less than 10 months, which is indeed a rare-feat, Allu Aravind And Aha makes ‘Pioneer of Telugu TheMiracleTech’.

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