How did Doug and Carrie buy their home in King of Queens? – Tech

All these years after the show’s end, fans still have confusion about how working class couples can buy their Rego Park. Let’s solve that mystery.

King of queens‘Was a simple, light-hearted, family-oriented sitcom starring Kevin James and Leah Remini In the lead roles and premiered in 1998, eventually running for a good nine seasons and ending in 2007. About a working class The couple Doug and Carrie Heffernan, Whose life was thrown into turmoil by Carrie’s father after being with her, the show was a hit that was thrown up 10 million viewers Regularly, mainly due to the ongoing feud between the characters of James and Rimini.

How did Doug and Carrie make their stately home in ‘King of Queens’?

Even after all these years since its end, fans are still indifferent about the show. But one thing that still confuses most fans is how Carrie works as a legal secretary – a couple with a blue-collar job and Doug as a delivery driver for a global parcel services company Works – can afford their lifestyle and the house they lived in.

main characteristics –

  • Where heffernan lived
  • How likely is it that Doug and Carrie can buy that house in real life?

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Where heffernan lived

During the show, Doug and Carrie live in a one-family home in Rego Park, Queens, which is considered a locality with a mixture of many cultures. The neighborhood is close to Manhattan. Apart from this, it is also easily accessible through metro, which actually makes the locality on the market quite desirable. A house in Rego Park would cost more than about $ 375,000.

King of Queens House

But shots outside the ‘King of Queens’ home were stock footage of a different house, one located at Cliffside Park in New Jersey. It was a grand 1,700-square-foot house, which is roughly valued at $ 480,000. In Rego Park, the ‘King of Queens’ house will cost $ 1.1 million today. But, in 2011, it would cost around $ 600,000.

How likely is it that Doug and Carrie can buy that house in real life?

Now, here’s the thing. We know that housing prices exploded at the turn of the new century. So, if Doug and Carrie have bought their house before this happens, chances are they may actually live in that house in Rego Park.

Working as a delivery driver and legal secretary as Doug and Carrie, even on their own salaries, the couple could work their lifestyles a lot. If the couple bought the house in 1998, they almost paid $ 300,000 For this. Their combined income may come up $ 120,000 In a year, at least until Carrie worked as a legal secretary. Later in the season, Carrie lost her job, things could have been difficult for the couple financially.

So, while in today’s time it seems impossible for them to afford their home and lifestyle, it was possible then.

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