How to become a NREGA mate NREGA Mate Application form in hindi

How to become NREGA MAT (Application Form, Qualification, Salary, Wage, List, ID) (NREGA Mate, Met, Application Form, Eligibility, Payment, MGNREGA List, Vacancy, Salary, Qualification, Guideline)

A new job is being started under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA scheme, which is to become NREGA MAT. NREGA Mate does not have to do any wage work but instead has to work for the laborers and their care and management. It can be understood in such a way that the way bank friends are made to convey the knowledge of banking facility to the people and the government gives them money, in the same way NREGA Mats are also there. Many people are earning money even by becoming NREGA MAT, but still many people do not have any information about it, this article has been presented to help those people. In this, information about how to make NREGA MAT has also been given, so read it till the end and join it.

MNREGA Form Status Check : Check online to know the status of MNREGA form.

What is narega mate (NREGA MATE)

In 2005, the then Central Government gave a guarantee of employment to such people who are poor laborers and want to get TMT under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act i.e. MNREGA. Workers joining this scheme are also given job cards and they are also given daily wages. Earlier, under this scheme, beneficiaries used to get Rs 192 daily wages, which has now been increased to Rs 202. NREGA Mats have been made to benefit the laborers joining this scheme and help them in making arrangements. These are NREGA Mate officers and 40 workers come under each. Whose work is supervised, their attendance etc. are also done. In exchange for doing this work, NREGA Mate takes full details of the work done by the workers.

MNREGA job card list See your name like this.

What does narega mate have to do (NREGA Mate Works)

  • The task of NREGA MAT is to supervise the works of MNREGA laborers working in their field.
  • Applying attendance of workers i.e. who has come on less and who has not.
  • Make a written record of the work of the laborers on how much work that laborer did.
  • Allocating less to laborers after coming every day.
  • In the workplace of NREGA MAT, a group of 5 – 5 laborers are formed and they are given work on the basis of group and in case of not being able to form a group, NREGA MAT itself provides them work according to their own.
  • The first task of NREGA MAT will be that they look at the job cards of the workers and check whether all the information is there or not, if there is no information then they cannot be given work.
  • NREGA MAT has to sign a register after the daily wages of all the laborers are completed.
  • The task of NREGA MAT will also be to supervise the work of all the workers, and if any laborers find it difficult to do any work, then they should explain and encourage them.
  • If the laborers are unable to do the work that they have to do in one day, then it is less NREGA mate to encourage them to complete that work on the second day so that the wages of those laborers cannot be cut.
  • If a laborer finishes less than a day, tena can sign NREGA and leave it for that day.
  • It will be the responsibility of the NREGA Mate to see that the laborers bring their job cards every day, do not allow them to work without it.
  • In this scheme, laborers who have been allowed to work only for 100 days, NREGA has to see that they are not given less than 100 days.
  • NREGA Mate also has the task of writing the complaint of the workers and after that it is their responsibility to execute it.
  • The laborers are also given some rest in the midst of working, and the responsibility of NREGA MAT is also there. Together they have to see that the laborers get pure water and they should also get a place to rest.
  • If they face any health related problems, then arrange for their treatment.

Benefits of becoming NREGA mate –

  • To become a NREGA Mate, there is no examination, they can apply directly after meeting the eligibility criteria.
  • They do not have to do any wage work but only do the work of looking after and studying.
  • The wages of NREGA mate are more than the daily wages of NREGA workers.

Under MNREGA scheme Registration for NREGA job card Learn the process here.

Eligibility criteria to become a NREGA mate (eligibility criteria)

  • Citizens of India: – NREGA Mate can only become a citizen of India, which they should also have ID proof.
  • 10th pass: – NREGA Mate should be at least 10th pass, and if it has passed the board examination directly after 8th, then it will also be considered eligible.
  • Resident of village area: – NREGA Mate can become a resident of the village area only, the person living in the city will not be made NREGA MATE.
  • Job Card Holder: – Those who have their job card will be allowed to become NREGA MAT.
  • Person working elsewhere: – If a person is working elsewhere, he will not be allowed to become a NREGA mate.

Documents required to become NREGA mate (Document list)

  • Aadhar Card :- The person applying will be required to show their Aadhaar card to provide proof of identity.
  • job card :- The person who has his job card can apply to become NREGA Mate and if he does not have it, then it is necessary to get it first.
  • Marksheet of 10th: – 10th pass of the application is required, so they may have to be attached with the photocopy form of 10th marksheet.
  • Bank Account: – In this scheme, it is also necessary for the applicant to have an account with the bank in his own name. For this, they may need a bank passbook.
  • Passport size photo: – It is also necessary to attach passport size photographs to the applicants to attach in the form.

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How to apply to become NREGA mate (NREGA MAT online application form)

  • There is no process to apply online to become NREGA MAT, for this, the application form has to be filled offline.
  • To get the form, go to the panchayat of your village and get the application form for NREGA MAT from the officer present there.
  • Fill all the information in the form and attach all the documents in it. After the form is filled and the documents are also attached properly, submit the form to the same officer.
  • After this, you will have to prepare a list of 40 laborers, these 40 laborers will be there who will work under you.
  • You should also have the details of those workers’ job cards, you will have to submit the list of laborers and their job card list in the same gram panchayat.
  • Then your form and all papers will be checked, after all is correct, you will be made NREGA MAT, and then you can start its work.

What will be the salary of NREGA mate (NREGA MATE Salary)

The daily salary of NREGA MAT is determined differently depending on the state. Because the daily salary of NREGA workers varies from state to state. Therefore, the wages of the NREGA workers of the state will depend on how much the salary of the NREGA mate will be.

Prime Minister’s poor welfare scheme Under this, the government is giving food and assistance for free, get this way.

Therefore, this is a great opportunity for the people of the village to get employment, this opportunity given by the government can be very useful for you. Therefore, if you are living in a village area, then you must take advantage of this employment.

general question

Q: What is NREGA mate?

Years: NREGA Mats are appointed to do the work of MNREGA laborers and various arrangements like giving wages to them. Whose work is mainly written.

Q: What is the wages of NREGA mate?

Years: It depends on the wages received by the MNREGA laborers, which varies from state to state.

Q: How to apply for recruitment of NREGA MAT?

Years: Going to your village panchayat.

Q: How to see the payment of NREGA MAT?

Years: Can be viewed online by job card.

Q: What is the function of NREGA MAT?

Years: Work of maintenance of at least 40 laborers in their area of ​​work.

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