How to watch movies and web series on Netflix? Is it free

Netflix website

Netflix is ​​one such TheMiracleTech Platform called India I use Netflix to watch a lot of online movies and web series.

You know, people like to watch Web Series recently, there are many stars who did not get the movie earlier, they are covered in web series today.

What is Netflix? And how does it work?


In today’s time, everyone knows what Netflix is, if you do not know then let me tell you that it is an TheMiracleTech platform, in simple language, then you Movies and web series Sitting at your house TV, laptop and mobile I can see

Now you must be thinking that all these things are free, then let me tell you that this is Paid yes, you read it right as whenever someone The film is Offline Release In the cinema then Movie makers movie rights By selling TheMiracleTech platforms like: – Netflix, Disney +, Zee5, Amazon Prime Video You get to see films and series on them.

What is Netflix’s Subscription (Annual & Monthly) Price in India?

You first Google By going to “Netflix Search” And as soon as you type Netflix, the first number will be the website of Netflix.

By clicking, you can get that website Open in mobile or computer Do it

The most intriguing website will be written which we have given below: –

Netflix Subscription Annual Cost
Netflix Subscription Price
  • no commitment, Cancel anytime
  • Everything on Netflix for one low price
  • No ads and no extra charge

It will have a red colored button on it. “View seeds” Click on it Then you will get to see the plans given below. In which:-

  1. mobile
  2. Basic
  3. standard
  4. Premium
Netflix Subscription (Annual and Monthly) Price
Netflix Subscription (Annual and Monthly) Price

After choosing the plan, you have to create your account, in which you will be asked for your email ID and password.

Netflix subscription payment
Membership payment

After that you will have to pay according to the plan you have chosen. Then what Netflix & Chill.

What do we get to see in Netflix?

We get to see a lot on Netflix, if you buy its plan then I think you will never be bored because Netflix will keep you fully entertained.

Netflix original (movies) and web series

Us tv show
  • Tv comedies
  • Crime tv drama
  • TV Action & Adventure
  • new releases
  • Horror tv serial
  • TV dramasdimentaries
  • Tv show
  • Teen tv show
  • Sitcom
  • TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Crime tv show
  • Tv secret
  • Crime documentary
  • Tv thriller
  • Tv animated comedy
Romantic favorite
  • TV drama
  • Tv show
  • Romantic movies
  • Humor
  • drama
  • Weird humor
  • Indian movies
  • romantic comedies
  • new releases
  • Based on drama books
  • Romantic drama
  • Free movies
  • Bollywood movies
Kids tv show
  • TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Anime series
  • TV drama
  • Tv animated comedy
  • Education for children
  • Animal stories
  • Tv cartoon
  • Baby music
  • Indian tv show
  • Comic book and superhero tv
  • Tv comedy

Is Netflix India’s platform?

Everyone is excited to know that Netflix is ​​India? So let me tell you that no but it is available in all the countries.

The beginning of Scotts Valley, California on August 29, 1997 It was done in the past and earlier it was not so successful but today it is so popular that it differs in all countries Youtube channel Hai Hamare India also has a Netflix Channel


How to login to Netflix Website & App?


Online www.netflix.com If you write, you can login it by going to the first website from laptop and PC.

Netflix app
Netflix app

If you are a mobile user, then for this you must first Play store Go to Netflix Have to search after that Application has to be downloaded.

After this process, you enter your Email Id and Password Netflix on movies and web series Will be able to see

Netflix most popular web series and movies: –

Netflix Most Popular Web Series
Netflix web series
  1. Holy game
  2. Hasmukh
  3. Small things
  4. serious man
  5. Jamtara
  6. He
  7. Selection day
  8. Vampire
  9. Blood bard
  10. Delhi crime
  11. Typewriter
  12. Small things
  13. Stories of Rabindranath Tagore
  14. Gangs of Wasseypur: Part 2
  15. Leela

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