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The authenticity of the Hubbott watches is guaranteed by a visual recognition of the microstructure of their materials.

With the HUBLOT E-Warranty, Hublow is launching a digital warranty fully stored in the AURA blockchain.

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Nyon, Switzerland, 19 November 2020 / PRNewswire / – “After being one of the first companies in the world to equip their watches with an electronic warranty in 2009, Hublot is once again innovating with the Hubot e-Warranty. Hublot will use an electronic passport and warranty system, much like facial recognition, depending on the uniqueness of its watches. This advanced technology required more than three years of research and development in partnership with the company Carequest. Today, thanks to the Hubbott e-Warranty, a simple picture taken with a mobile phone is all one needs to activate the warranty and access it, confirming the authenticity of the product. Although the developed technique relies on complex algorithms, it is simple and user-friendly. An ideal fusion between technical complexity and ease of use. ” Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hablot

With the Hublot e-warranty, Hublot and Carext are fusing materials and ground-breaking algorithms to revolutionize the user experience. The watch is thus certified by the recognition of the uniqueness of its contents. The first in the fight against counterfeiting.

Gone are the days of warranty cards and authenticity certificates; With its new Hublet e-Warranty protection and warranty system, Watchmaking Manufacturing is simplifying the tracking and tracing of its watches, from their manufacture to customers, through points of sale. Faithful to its motto, the first, unique, and different kind, the watchmaker, with the Hublot e-Warranty, has created a technology debut, in which the watch itself becomes the key to opening up a new world of services. Along with facilitating access to points of sale, customers and customs, Hublot is improving the prevention of forgery and theft. Simple, Easy and Effective!

The watchmaker has been working on the development of the algorithm since 2017 in partnership with the company Carequest. The goal was to develop a technique that relies on a lot of recognition of the uniqueness of the clock, which depends on the microstructure that makes up the material. This way of working seemed obvious to the Master of Art of Fusion, who has been using it for 40 years to differentiate between materials and their fusion. As an additional challenge, although the recognition of a material in a broader sense has been studied for many years, its actual unitary validation was hitherto problematic. With the development of smartphones and in particular the improvement of camera definition, as well as the development of artificial intelligence, Hublot and Carext were able to correct the first visual recognition of a watch.

Each and every Hublot watch is unique: even two clocks of the same model that omit construction are different thanks to the eccentricities of their microstructure. The challenge faced was how to read them and process them in a reliable and practical way. The Hubot e-Warranty is based on the unitary validation of the specifications of all watches and models of Hublot.

The core technology is found at the very heart of manufacturing, where, in a way, the passport of a watch is installed. Specially designed optical readers reconstruct the image and the reality of each piece in full detail, in very high definition. Every watch is actually “photographed” as it comes out of production. When the watch is sold in a boutique, the point of sale activates the warranty using the Hubot-A-Warranty application (which takes a picture of the clock head lined with duplicates displayed on the screen). The photo is sent to the computing infrastructure that will process it and automatically activate the warranty if the piece has been correctly identified as a unit. Once the watch is recognized and authenticated, the customer receives their Hublet e-warranty through their channel of choice (SMS, e-mail, WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram, Messenger, etc.), and then The Hublotista community will be able to easily connect.

There is also a specific e-warranty application for customers. This enables them to easily access new services, such as verifying the authenticity of a piece, reclaiming the warranty status of a piece, or reaching the Hublotista community. In the event of a sale of the Watch without loss of warranty data or transferring the warranty to the new owner, unitary recognition of the piece by the Hublot e-Warranty application once available on the Google Play Store and Apple App, regarding the watch and its warranty Enables access to all information. During transactions involving a second hand watch, the Hubot e-warranty application will enable the seller or buyer to check the status of the piece, and protect the seller from reselling the stolen watch.

The Habtal e-warranty technology is already compatible with all pieces produced by the manufacture since early 2020. This fully functional technology is currently being rolled out across all HUBLO points of sale. The leading Paris Vendôme boutiques, which have been equipped for over a year, and Swiss boutiques and retailers are also already operational. Other markets will follow in the coming months. For earlier pieces, the electronic warranty card remains in place. When these watches are accompanied by after-sales service, they will be recorded by manufacture so that they can benefit from the new Hublet e-warranty system.

Once again, Hublot is placing its experiences on the customer experience and intends to leverage this technology to provide new interactive features to its loyal customers.

Already with electronic warranty card in 2009

In 2009, Hublot became one of the first companies in the world to equip its watches with WISeKey technology – a warranty card activated upon purchase, working with a two-factor authentication system (cryptographic keys and clock serial numbers) having had. This technology was combined with a USB warranty reader and already enabled the customer to join the Hublotista community. In 2015, it developed, replacing the contact electronic chip with NFC (near field communication) technology.

Hubot e-warranty will be part of the AURA blockchain launched by LVMH

The new warranty system developed by Hublot is part of a global trend to fight counterfeiting initiated by LVMH and to track and trace the product lifecycle. The Hubot e-Warranty will be stored in the AURA blockchain, intended for use by other luxury brands. Developed by Microsoft and blockchain company ConsenSys, AURA is the first international blockchain designed to help consumers locate goods and assess their authenticity. Designed for luxury brands, it enables raw material tracking and protection of intellectual and creative assets, among other things.


Founded in Switzerland In 1980, HUBLOT is defined by its innovation, which began with a highly original combination of gold and rubber. This “Art of Fusion” stems from the imagination of its visionary president, Jean Claude Biver, And is further enhanced by the CEO Ricardo Guadalupe since 2012.

The release of the iconic, multi-award winning Big Bang in 2005 paved the way for the new flagship collection (Classic Fusion, Soul of the Big Bang), with complexities ranging from simple to highly sophisticated, establishing Swiss exceptional DNA at home. Monitoring and ensuring its impressive growth.

Eager to retain its traditional and cutting-edge expertise, and guided by its philosophy “Be First, Different and Unique”, the Swiss watchmaker is ahead of the curve, through its innovations in materials (scratch-resistant Magic Gold, clay In the characters of) vibrant colors, sapphires), and the creation of building movements (Unico, Meca-10, Tourbillon).

HUBLOT is fully committed to building the Haute Horlogerie brand with a visionary future: a future that highlights the major events of our time (FIFA Tech Cup ™, UEFA Champions League ™, UEFA Euro ™ and Ferrari) and the finest ambassadors of our era. Is associated with. Has to offer (Kylian Mbappé, Usain Bolt, Pele).

Discover the HUBLOT universe on our network of boutiques located in major cities around the world: Geneva, Paris, London, New York, Hogcog, Dubai, Tokyo, Singapore And on HUBLOT.com


Carequest has developed a powerful unitary identity engine hosted on a platform called Solid Media Messaging. It enables any user to interact seamlessly with any object through their smartphone and provide various transaction services. While it can fulfill many business functions for brands and distributors, it is also an excellent tool for building customer loyalty.

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