I am your woman on amazon prime video, release date, plot, cast, all you need to know about thriller series

I’m your woman A 1970s crime drama film, Julia Hurt is cast by Rachel Brosnahan in a significantly different role. No longer a beloved comedian, who is on ‘The Marvelous Missel’, Brosnahan is back Amazon prime video As the wife of a thief.

Her life is disturbed when she has to run away with her baby for her life after her husband suddenly disappears. The film was well received and liked by fans. I’m your woman The upcoming AFI Fest features a first night movie and will be followed shortly by Amazon Prime Video. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming 70s crime thriller film, including release date, plot, cast, trailer, and more.

Who stars in I’m Your Woman?

Rachel Brosnahan plays the lead character Jean, with Arinjane Kane playing Cal, a man who is tasked with caring for Jean and her child. Marsha Stephanie Blake as Teri, Bill Heck as Eddie, Frankie Fesson as Art, Markline Hugot as Evelyn, James McMenamin as White Mac.

What is plot / storyline I’m your woman?

I'm your woman

The story of the film opens with the character of Rachel Brosnahan. She plays an apparently single housewife named Jean, who is mysteriously being given a child by her husband. But the mystery deepens when her husband disappears into thin air and is told by her colleagues that she needs to go on the run because people are looking for her. Jeanne is not an easy character to decode, a woman who may have free days to fill but who has not found the time or space to figure out who she really is without an attached male.

Available for any trailer I’m your woman?

Oh yes, an official trailer is available by Amazon Prime Video, you can watch it here

When I’m your woman Continuing on Amazon Prime Video?

I’m your woman Will be released on Amazon Prime Video from December 11, 2020

Where to look?

How and where to see it Movies: Watch this web series online, reach premiere Amazon prime video On December 11, 2020.

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