I can take her behind bars for lying, Kangana Ranaut referring to YouTuber said that she posted a video on her video.

Actor Kangana Ranaut reacted to the viral video of YouTuber Dhruv Rathe. In the video, Dhruv spoke of Kangana being hypocritical in his statements. He adds that he has a habit of exaggerating his words.

YouTuber Dhruv made a video on Kangana

Reacting to the viral video on her, Kangana Ranaut accused Dhruv Rathi that she had taken a huge amount of money to make it. Eray Cather is a journalist and filmmaker. He accused YouTuber of making huge amounts of money for making videos and tarnishing Kangana’s image. In a tweet, Array Cathar said, “Attention: A prominent YouTuber with more than 4m subscribers has been paid just 65 lakh rupees to make an analytical video” exposing the role of SSR’s family in his death “. The deadline given to her is 1-2 weeks. The same YouTuber was previously hired to target Kangana and Arnab. “

Undoubtedly, Ari Kather did not mention Dhruv’s name in his tweet. However, the YouTube star replied to his tweet that no one paid him money to make Kangana Ranaut video. Apart from this, he said that he is not planning to make any video on SSR. In the end, he said that if his sponsorship fees were Rs 30 lakh per video, he would be quite rich.

Reacting to Dhruv’s statement, Eray Cather wrote that he did not name anyone in his post. And if he feels it belongs to him, he is welcome. Secondly, he said that he is not focusing on his fees for now, but will talk for the same and tells him to wait for a while. In the end, Er said that he is glad that YouTuber has left the video and no longer plans for it.

For this Kangana ranaut In the video, Eray retracted for lying about the BMC notice for her home and said she could deliver YouTuber behind bars.

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