‘I Got to Make Sure Woman Are Same Level on Men’: Jimmy Butler shares how a daughter changed her priorities. sport

Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler talks about how things changed for him after he had a daughter with Katlin Novak in October 2019.

Jimmy Butler has a story that is not only inspiring but also moving. From being homeless at age 13 to now becoming a superstar in the NBA, Jimmy has come a long way.

The Miami Heat, led by Jimmy, sit 10th in the Eastern Conference with a 14–17 record. They are on a three-game win streak after their three-game skid at West.

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In addition to his excellence on the basketball court, Butler has a new purpose since the arrival of his daughter.

Jimmy Butler and his new approach

Jimmy’s daughter Reilly was born on 29 October 2019. It was the day of the Miami Heat’s season opener, marking the first game for Butler as the Heat player. In the months that Butler was in the Orlando bubble, Jimmy discusses how much he missed his daughter, and how she has taught him, unconditional love. The daughter was accompanied by her mother, model Kaitlyn Novak.

Butler also talks about how being a daughter has changed a lot of things for her. This made her want to be a better role model for him. It all starts on the basketball court, and his dedication to his work.

However, things are not limited there. He opened a marketing and advertising agency called Curate Hue. He also started his own coffee brand in Bubble, named Big Face Coffee.

Amidst all this, the thing that still tops Jimmy is his daughter. A message came to him recently.

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Butler’s love for Rayleigh is the purest form of love one can experience.

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