“I had high hopes” – Kevin Magnesen expected a challenge to the championship after the walk. sport

“I had high expectations” – Kevin Magen hopes to compete for the championship after winning his first podium on his debut.

Kevin magsen Made an impressive debut for his Formula 1 and registered P2 while driving for McLaren, increasing his promotion. Nevertheless, since then Magnussen’s career only led to the collapse and only the fifth place.

His final two years were too short for Magnussen, resulting in his exit from the game, reflecting his disappointments. The Danish race driver mentioned that after his debut he had created great aspirations after the P2 performance.

“It’s hard to know how things are going,” Magnussen explained When denoting their time in F1. “I must say, when I started my F1 career in Melbourne 2014, I had very high expectations.

“I felt that I was fighting for the championship in my first year after that first race. You can never guess how things are going in Formula 1. You just have to do the best you can, and its enjoy.

Thanks to McLaren

Magnusson was 11th in his rookie season, 329 points behind the world champion, and was re-established as the test driver in the squad for 2015 to make room for Fernando Alonso. Nevertheless, to this day, Magnuson is grateful to McLaren for the opportunity.

“I can’t complain, McLaren gave me a chance as a crook, I’m grateful for that,” Magnussen said. “I really can’t say that I regret anything. I felt that I would be back in Formula 1 with Force India.

“It was almost a done deal, that I expected, and what McLaren was saying to me, that they would give me a place in Force India.” At the last minute, it changed, and they put me in McLaren. It was a very busy time around my debut, but I’m happy with how things change at the end of the day.

“You can always look back and find things that I would have done differently if I could have done it again, and I would have made the decision differently if I could have done it again.

“But at the end of the day, I got a career in Formula 1. Many people do not get to do this. As a young child who dreams of Formula 1, it is a very difficult dream to realize.

“I did that, and I’m thankful for that, and glad I got the chance.”

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