“I imagined this game”: Drew Trees faced Tom Brady’s Buccaneers at the playoffs. sport

In the making of this weekend’s split round, the dominant narrative is Drew Trees vs. Tom Brady: a battle between 2 veteran QBs.

Brad and Brady, both legends of the game and future halls, have played each other 7 times. Despite Brady’s apparent dominance in terms of Super Bowl victories, Breeze actually has the upper hand in head-to-head matchups.

He is 5-2 against Brady, including 2 wins this year when the pair became division rivals. The Saints have an advantage at home ground on Sunday and are favorites to win but anything can certainly happen in the playoffs.

It may well be the last time this happened, but it will be their first playoff matchup. When the stakes are high, it will be exciting to see who comes out on top.

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Drew Tree Reacts to Brady’s “History Channel” joke

On Tuesday, Brady published a photoshopped photo of himself and Breeze on Twitter with the History Channel logo in the background. Trees, unknowingly, took the joke like a finger and replied “That’s cool!”

Although the joke was intended only to air a playoff game by Nickelodeon, there is certainly some truth in it. Brady is 43 years old and has turned 42 before the game, his combined 85 years of age being the oldest in NFL history to start playing QB against each other.

When asked about the tweet, Breece joked, “Unfortunately, he made me like a dad from a family tie. I did not like the hairline. I’ll be honest. I would have liked a slightly thicker head of hair. I know I’m growing up and maybe doing a little bit less.

“I have never been able to grow a beard, so I have thought about my future. Maybe I’ll get a nice, nice, thick beard. But I thought it was hilarious. “

A gentle reminder for football fans

In the midst of the buildup for the game, Breeze gave an interesting insight into his relationship with the Bucs QB yesterday. “There’s a friendship and a mutual respect between Tom and me,” he said.

“We were putting tex back and forth on Monday, just chuckling at the whole scenario, okay. He is 43 years old. I turned 42 on Friday, so he is 85 and has a lot of football experience happening on the field on Sunday. “

“I envisioned the game when Tom Brady signed with the Bucks, and I knew he was coming into our circle. What was that nine months ago? Eight months ago?”

“I was imagining the game, because I knew our aspirations as a team, to be at the playoffs and beyond, and I definitely knew what the Bucs and that talented roster was bringing. . And so, I think that’s probably where we’re all at this point in this season. “

The respect that the pair show to each other serves as a good reminder to our fans that sometimes we should stop comparing players and just enjoy their greatness.

If Sunday is indeed the last time they play each other, it will be a fitting end to their rivalry. Regardless of the outcome, we should consider ourselves lucky to have had the opportunity to see the excellence of trees and Brady for 20+ years.

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