“I know I kicked the s ** t out of him”: When Michael Jordan explicitly explained why David Thompson was his idol during the Hall of Fame speech? sport

When Michael Jordan was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame by David Thomson, many questioned why.

Jordan, in his speech to his own hall of fame, addressed the questions that have been very politely stated:

“I have been getting a lot of questions lately – why would you choose David Thompson? I know why, and David knows why. “

“When I grew up in North Carolina, I was an anti-Carolina boy, I hated UNC. I fell in love with David Thompson, not only for the game of basketball, but also in terms of what they represent. “

“We all go through our trials and tribulations, and he certainly did, and I’m inspired by him. When I called him up and asked him to stand up for me, I knew that I made him ** Jerked out. I know I did. “

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How did David Thompson inspire Michael Jordan’s generation?

Skywalker, known as Thompson, is one of the most entertaining players in NBA history. He received this nickname because of his hanging ability and ‘walking’ in the air before finishing. The similarities between his Finnish and Michael Jordan are obvious.

Apparently, Thompson jumped out of the gym, and he had some really amazing hang-time moves. Jordan himself considers David Thompson the reason for measuring players’ vertical jumps:

“The whole period and the whole ‘measurement’ of the vertical leap started with David Thompson. He fell to the ground, exploded off the ground. 44 inches was a lot – there’s still a lot. And you can tell when he’s in your Upstairs, so it shocked you. “

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Thompson played in the league for 9 years, but his career ended tragically due to an off-court dispute. However, Jordan did not showcase his talent on the basketball court due to trials and tribulations.

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