“I think every time I have PTSD about having another NBA bubble”: Lakers LeBron James explains why he won’t agree again for another bubble-like situation? sport

LeBron James says he starts shaking and gets PTSD every time he thinks of it being the second NBA bubble.

The NBA is not exempt from testing positives for its players for COVID-19 as the first wave of positive tests have officially impacted the NBA. The Philadelphia 76ers, Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics and Dallas Mavericks are among the teams that have halted their game.

Players like Seth Curry and Jason Tatum have been placed under 10-14 days of quarantine. With COVID-19 slowly creeping through the NBA locker room, the NBA will have to consider several options for how they might view the situation.

One idea that is floating on social media is that the NBA takes a 2-week hiatus from the game. Another one that is likely to fall short yet will be another NBA bubble.

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While suggesting the possibility of another bubble, Lakers star LeBron James did not seem all that happy.

Lebron James is not a fan of being another bubble

The NBA had such a successful NBA bubble last year. The goal was to officially declare the 2020 champion; Which he did with LeBron James and the Lakers won it all. However, when asked about the possibility of another bubble, LeBron James said,

“Well the bubble was a success from a performance standpoint. I didn’t think much of the bubble after I left. Every time you ask me about bubble you keep giving me PTSD. I started thinking about 96 straight nights at that place. “

The bubble was harsh on many players as they were isolated from family and loved ones. As the bubble went, the NBA allowed players to bring a limited amount of family members.

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With no news suggesting the NBA ever considered a bubble, it seems like a reach at this point.

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