IBM advances its hybrid cloud and AI strategy – Tech to acquire Insta as a company

– Acquisitions to help businesses use AI to better manage the complexity of modern applications spanning the hybrid cloud landscape; IBM builds on industry-leading AI-powered automation capabilities

ARMONK, NY, November 18, 2020 / PRNewswire / – IBM (NYSE:IBM) Today announced a definitive agreement to acquire The court, An application performance monitoring and observation company. This acquisition will help businesses better manage the complexity of modern applications that enhance the hybrid cloud landscape. Today’s news advances IBM’s hybrid cloud and AI strategy and strengthens its AI-powered automation capabilities. Financial details were not disclosed.

With the acquisition of Instana, IBM will help companies overcome the challenge of managing application performance across multiple teams and between 2 and 15 clouds on average.I am And this is another example of how IBM is building on its AI-powered automation capabilities, including:

– launch of IBM Watson AIOps Earlier this year, IBM’s AI offered to ensure how to self-detect IT anomalies in real-time, diagnose them;
– acquisition of WDG Automation To provide customers with broad access to intelligent automation through software robots;
– Extended partnership with service now Develop a joint solution to help companies reduce operational risk and lower costs by implementing AI to automate IT operations;
– and continued to update IBM Cloud Pak for Automation Designed to help companies drive innovation in their expansive IT environments and accelerate digital transformation.

“Our customers today are faced with a complex technology landscape, replete with mission-critical applications and data, running in a variety of hybrid cloud environments – public clouds, private clouds, and on- From the premises, ”said Rob Thomas, senior vice president. , Cloud and data platform, IBM. “IBM’s acquisition of Insta is yet another important step we are taking to provide companies with the most complete portfolio of AI-automated solutions to tackle this massive challenge and help prevent unexpected IT incidents Are those who can afford a business in lost revenue and reputation. “

Headquarters in ChicagoWith a development center in Germany, Instana provides businesses with the ability to manage the performance of complex and modern cloud-native applications where they reside – in mobile devices, public and private clouds, and on-premises, including, IBM Z. of Instana The Enterprise Observability Platform automatically creates a deeper version of cloud application understanding and provides actionable insights to indicate how best to prevent and remedy IT problems that could harm businesses or reduce customer satisfaction Can do – such as slow response times, services that are not working or infrastructure is down.

Once Instana’s capabilities are integrated into IBM, companies will be able to feed these information to Watson AIOPS. The information can then be compared to the baseline of a common operating application, with AI as well as alerts to resolve issues before the negative effects on that transaction or activity. This can help free up these employees to focus on innovating and high-value work, eliminating the need for IT staff to monitor and manage applications.

“DevOps teams need a new generation of application performance monitoring and observation capabilities to succeed, with the added responsibility of ensuring the quality of the software they are developing and running.” Mirko Novakovich, Co-founder and CEO, Instana. “Instance capabilities of Instance, combined with IBM’s AI-powered automation capabilities in hybrid cloud environments, will provide customers with a complete view of their application performance for best customization tasks.”

Instana will offer both SaaS and on-premises solutions based on the customer’s unique needs.

Developers can try the free offering using instana Sandbox And The tests, Already available through its website.

The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions. It is expected to close within several months.

For more information on today’s announcement, please see https://www.ibm.com/cloud/blog/ibm-and-instana.

To learn more about IBM’s AI-powered automation capabilities, please visit: https://www.ibm.com/products/watson-aiops

media Contact:
Hanna Smigla
IBM Media Relations
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I am “Assembling Your Cloud Orchestra: A Field Guide to Multicloud Management.” IBM Institute for Business Value. October 2018. https://www.ibm.com/downloads/cas/EXLAL23W

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