Ibrahimovic talks to “Sky News Arabia” about Morocco’s achievement

In an exclusive interview with “Sky News Arabia”, the Italian Milan striker expressed his admiration for the “Atlas Lions” team, saying: “What they achieved is not a surprise because I know before the World Cup that it is a good team, and during the World Cup everything can happen. Surprises are also a factor.” Positive, and the fans love and enjoy that, because they want to see surprises that increase enthusiasm and excitement. When the nominated team wins all its matches, it becomes as if it is playing in a local championship, while when surprises happen, it becomes different, and we will see whether the Moroccan team can reach the final round or not.

And the strong confrontation that awaits Morocco In front of the French national team, the defending champion, he said: “There is nothing to say about the French national team. It is a strong team whose players won the World Cup when they were young, and today they have become more mature.”

Al-Sultan added that the second match in the semi-finals that brings together Croatia and Argentina will be strong and exciting, considering that the Croatian national team’s reaching this advanced role is not a surprise because it was the runner-up of the last edition in Russia 2018, but he expected the Argentine national team to win the pass to the final match. Note that he wants to crown Lionel Messi’s girlfriend with the title.

Ronaldo’s tears

On the other hand, speak Ibrahimovic On Ronaldo’s failure to achieve his dream of winning the World Cup with his country and bidding farewell to the tournament in the quarter-finals in tears, he added: “Every player wants to win the World Cup, but the player cannot predict that. Everyone tries, and when he does not succeed, it is natural to be there.” Special feelings, and also when a player wins the World Cup, it’s normal that there are different feelings.”

As for his opinion on annulment Ronaldo He signed his contract with Manchester United, and he said: “I think that when things happen, you cannot know the true story, as the club said what he wanted to say and the player said what he needed to say in order to protect himself, just as the coach said in turn what pertains to him to protect himself. Each party is keen on its interest But the real story of what happened we will never know.

Transfer to Arsenal failed

During his football career full of playing in the ranks of major international clubs, Ibrahimovic was supposed to experience playing in the ranks Arsenal The Englishman, and although the news was referring to the completion of the deal at that time, the agreement was not completed.

We asked “Ibra” about the truth about what happened during the last hours negotiations with the London club, and he said: “I was very close to signing for Arsenal, as coach Arsene Wenger handed me the number 9 shirt and knowing my name when I was in his office, but then he asked me to go to the stadium and do a test.” I said to him (Sorry Ibrahimovic is not taking the tests, do you want me or not?), after that nothing happened.

Enter the world of acting

On the other hand, Ibrahimovic is experimenting with acting in Hollywood, where the movie “Asterix & Obelix: The Middle Kingdom” is scheduled to be released in cinemas starting from February 1, 2023.

A veteran player said about the experience the acting: “I have been living for two years in Los Angeles, which is considered the home of acting in the world, where my experience was like breathing new air. Today I am no longer shy and I feel well rested.”

Ibrahimovic concluded: “It is a good experience, especially since I worked with good people, and I do not know whether the result will be good or not, but I hope it will be a good movie.”

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