If He Does These 7 Things, Then He Truly Does Love You

If you ever get around to ask all of humanity what love is, then you’re going to get a mix of fairly different answers depending on who you talk to. But one thing is for certain, a vast majority of those people are going to want love for themselves. They will want love in their own lives.
There is so much negativity, devastation, evil, hate, and fear all around the world – and that can get very disconcerting. However, in spite of all that negative energy, love is still the one thing we all cling to as a species. It’s the one thing that helps keep us alive. You can hurl as many bad things as you want to a couple of people in love but in the end, they will still find a way to persevere and push forward.
Love is very rare. Love isn’t something that is too easy to find. But that’s also what adds to the novelty and value of love. You are always going to value something more if you know how hard it is to attain it. that is why you want to make sure that you never take your loved one for granted.
You always want to make sure that you stay deeply appreciative and grateful for the person who loves you the way that you deserve to be loved. And the key to that is determining whether they really love you or not in the first place. But how do you exactly go about that?

You can’t just be taking someone’s word for it. They might say that they love you without really believing it and that’s always going to end up in a problematic situation. You don’t want to be duped by just any man. You want to make sure that the guy that you’re with is actually someone who loves you.
And you can do that by observing how they are whenever they are with you. You can tell a lot about a man by what he says. But you can REALLY get to know him based on how he acts. If he does these 7 things with you, then you know that he’s truly in love with you.
1. He accepts your fears, anxieties, and flaws.
He knows that you are a deeply flawed and imperfect human being but he doesn’t make you feel bad about it. He doesn’t guilt you for having blemishes. He always makes you feel loved in spite of your many imperfections and shortcomings.
2. He really remembers even the littlest details about you.
He pays attention to the little things. He knows that the tiniest details are going to be just as important as the big stuff. And that’s how you know that he doesn’t take you for granted.
3. He makes an effort to stay in touch with you.
He really tries to stay in touch with you. He wants you and him to be in constant communication with one another. He doesn’t want you to feel like he is shutting you out by any means. He wants to make sure that you are free to talk to him about whatever you want.

4. He knows how you feel without you saying anything.
You don’t even have to tell him how you feel anymore. He’s always going to know. That’s because he makes sure to stay mindful of how you feel. He makes sure to always try to be sensitive of your mood and your emotions. He never wants to be acting selfishly whenever he is with you.
5. He tries to be the best version of himself because of you.
He is always going to want to make sure that he is the best version of himself whenever he is with you. He will want to be on his best behavior because your impression of him is really important to him. He always wants to be someone great in your eyes and that’s why he really tries his best.
6. He makes plans about the future with you.
This isn’t just going to be some kind of temporary fling for him. This isn’t going to be just another casual hookup between two people. No. What he wants is something real. He wants to be able to build a long-lasting relationship with you and that’s why he doesn’t hesitate to talk about your futures together.

7. He opens up to you about how he really feels.
And it’s not just the love either. He REALLY opens up to you about everything. He wants to make sure that his life is an open book to you. He wants you to know that he isn’t looking to play around with you. He wants you to know that he isn’t hiding anything. He wants you to know that he’s willing to open his entire world up to you and that you can always trust in him.

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