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iFit, a global leader in interactive connected fitness technology, today announced the upcoming release of iFit ActivePulse Automatic Heart Rate Training. iFit’s state-of-the-art technology uses complex algorithms so an iFit client’s heart rate controls the treadmill in real time, automatically adjusting the speed and tilt to maintain the optimal heart rate zone.

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An iFit user wears an iFit SmartBeat forearm heart rate monitor, while ActivePulse technology automatically adjusts the speed of the treadmill and tilts it to keep it in the optimal heart rate zone. (Photo: Business Wire)

iFit’s game-changing innovation removes estimates from heart rate training, allowing iFit’s vast library for its individual fitness levels and goals to automatically scale and tailor a member’s heart rate. iFit has applied for patent protection on ActivePulse, which will be available on all iFit-controlled NordicTrack®, ProForm® And Freemotion® Treadmill.

So far, the benefits of heart rate training have brought attention to the extent to which a person is able to manually monitor and adjust their effort to remain in the particular heart rate zone. In contrast, iFit ActivePulse creates a real-time feedback loop between the user’s measured heart rate and treadmill speed and tilt.

iFit ActivePulse heart rate training keeps the user in their optimum area, while enabling them to meet their fitness goals by targeting different heart rate goals.

“ActivePulse lets every iFit client personalize their treadmill workouts without complicated calculations and constant manual adjustments,” said Mark Watson, president of iFit. “ActivePulse provides a workout that not only caters to one member; It is assigned to that member on the basis of how their heart rate is during the workout. “

Daily variables such as hydration, sleep, and stress have a direct effect on heart rate, so the effectiveness of a given workout can vary from one day to the next depending on heart rate performance. iFit ActivePulse scales and scales the intensity of any iFit program to optimize it based on their heart rate at the time – even with advanced algorithms gradually “learning” their unique behavior patterns over time. to include.

The concept of exercising within predetermined ranges (or “zones”) of a user’s maximum heart rate to achieve heart rate training-specific fitness goals has been used by elite athletes and coaches around the world for over 30 years. Has been done. With various heart rate zones tailored to fitness goals such as building endurance and promoting recovery, heart rate training is widely accepted as the smartest way to achieve consistent and measurable progress toward specific fitness goals goes.

iFit is compatible with leading Bluetooth® heart rate monitors with ActivePulse transmission functionality, including iFit SmartBeat ™ cell heart rate monitors and third-party devices from brands including Polar®, Garmin®, Woooo® and WHOOP®.

Included with all iFit subscriptions, ActivePulse will be available through an automated iFit software update in January 2021 on all iFit-enabled NordicTrac, ProForm and Freemotion treadmills. The feature will be available for stationary bikes, rovers and ellipses from NordicTrac, ProForm and Freemotion. soon thereafter.

About iFit

iFit is a patented patented fitness platform that powers NordicTrack, Proform and Freemotion Equipment. ICON, the creator and owner of ICF, pioneered interactive fitness and in the early 2000s several patents were issued for its training technology. Founded with the belief that most consumers will benefit from an interactive, personalized training experience at home, iFit’s trainer-led, streaming workouts are now trusted by millions of consumers around the world.

iFit offers workout options for every fitness level and bodyweight training, boxing, HIIT, yoga, Pilates and fitness workouts associated with NordicTrack home appliances. The patented interactive technology allows iFit trainers to create workouts for iFit members that automatically adjust the tilt, fall, speed, and resistance of the member in sync with iFit’s streaming workouts. iFit interactive content is available on NordicTrack, Proform and Freedom Treadmills, stationary bikes, routers, ellipticals, power machines and the iFit app.

ICON Health & Fitness, Inc. A global health and fitness leader and owner of iFit, NordicTrack, ProForm, Freemotion and other fitness brands. Located in Logan, Utah, the 43-year-old company has a multi-decade legacy of innovation and quality. ICON currently holds more than 330 patents, with more than 80 pending, and its products are sold in 116 countries. iFit workouts are streamed in English, Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese, with more languages ​​planned for 2021.

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