“I’ll Be Trouble For It” – Former F1 boss advises teams to use 2000 hp engine to play

“I’ll get in trouble for this” – the former Formula 1 boss advised to re-ignite the old engines and run at 2000 hp, contrary to the objectives of the FIA.

Fans and Toto Wolff are indifferent about older engines, which screamed better than current V6 engines, giving viewers a better audio experience.

Supporting the same audio pleasures, Bernie Ecclestone advised all F1 teams to bring the old F1 engines back from the archives to reduce costs and use it for five years before moving on to future engines.

F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone told the February edition, “I’ll get in trouble for it, but dig up all the old normally aspirated engines.” Motor sport magazine.

“Everyone’s got them, the cost goes right down, the noise will come back, and we can use them for five years when we sort out an engine for the future.”

Why don’t you say Gerhard Berger

The former McLaren driver further weighs in on the point of reviving the F1’s old engine. When asked what the next F1 engine should be capable of, he referred to 80s turbo units, which are famous for producing 1500 horsepower.

“We then started the 1500hp with poor safety standards,” Berger told “So why shouldn’t Formula 1 be able to drive with 2000hp today?”

Environmental aspect will not allow

FIA has pledged to achieve carbon zero by the end of this decade, And pursuant to this it has already supplied some of its barrels to manufacturers for use with 2021 engines.

Reviving older engines can be a step backward towards that goal. However, teams like Mercedes and Red Bull express fears over biofuel imposition In 2021, he was influenced to complete the power freeze.

Therefore, the FIA ​​must resolve the outrage before proceeding with its environmental concerns.

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