I’m Not a Robot Download Korean Hindi dub web series Available on 1080p / 720p / 480p KatmovieHD?

I’m not a robot (Korean: I’m not a robot; RR: Robosi Ania), Which is a South Korean television series featuring star actors Yoo Seung-ho, Chae Soo-bin and Um Ki-joon, episodes have leaked online, in the Hindi dubbed version for free on the notorious piracy sites Katamvio-HD. Are available for download. Other torrent movie download websites as 480p / 720p / 1080p in HD print.

About I’m Not a Robot (Korean TV Series)

The TV series is a romance, sci-fi film in the genre.

The web series is directed by Jung Da-Yoon, written by Kim Sun-Mi and produced by May Queen Pictures.

The Korean series was released in 2018 with a total number of thirty-two episodes.

What is Storyline?

I’m not a robot The web series is based on the leading two characters Kim Min-kyu (Yoo Seung-ho) and Jo Ji-ah (Cho Soo-bin). Kim Min-kue lives a luxurious but isolated life due to a severe allergy to physical contact with other humans.

Kim develops extremely life-threatening rashes that rapidly spread to her body whenever she makes contact with any kind of skin.

I’m not a robot (Korean: I’m not a robot; RR: Robosi Ania) Is a South Korean television series, featuring Yo Seung-ho, Chae Soo-bin and Um Ki-joon.

Jo Ji-ah is trying to mold it to life based on his inventions, especially by creating a business of two networked heart-shaped lamps. When Kim Min-kyu tells him to buy a specific toy, the two meet for the first time, but the transaction leads them into a fight.

Kim Min-kyu is the chairman and largest shareholder of KM Financial Company. KM Financial owns the Santa Maria team. The team is headed by Professor Hong Bak-gyun (Um Ki-joon). Professor Hong’s team has secretly created an advanced humanoid robot called AG3.

Gradually, Kim Min-koo falls in love with Jo Ji-ah, believing that she is Aaji 3. He is upset by this, and reboots AG3, erasing its memory. Professor Hong Buck-gyun replaced Jo Ji-ah with the real Aji 3.

Jo Ji-ah, who has fallen in love with Kim Min-kyu, leaves the city to work at his aunt’s restaurant in an attempt to forget her.

Kim Min-koo realizes that Jo Ji-ah replaced the robot, and has a sudden and violent allergic reaction, which almost kills her. Prior to the reboot, Aji 3 stored all video footage and data from the test with Kim Min-koo in a secret cache. The Santa Maria team successfully launched a new robot after changing its appearance.

Who is in the main cast of I’m Not a Robot?

Here is the list of the lead actors of the web series:

  • Yau Seung-ho As Kim Min-kyu
  • Cho So-bin As Ji-ah
  • Um ki-joon As hong bak-kyun
  • Park se-wan as “Pi” Angela Jin
  • Song Jae-ryong Kang Dong wins as “Hoktal”.
  • Ko Gun-Han Eddie Park as “Sansip”
  • Kang Ki-young Hwang Yo-chul as

What is common knowledge about Korean sci-fi TV series?

Dong ha And Bang min-ah The lead roles were introduced for the first time but were eventually rejected. The first script reading of the cast was held on September 27, 2017 at Sangam-dong’s MBC station.

I’m not a robot web series: is it available for free download?

Popular korean television series I’m not a robot All episodes have been leaked online for free download, and are illegally available on movie theft websites such as KatmVIOHD, Telegram and other torrent download sites. However, no other reports are coming from online.

Let me tell you, according to the DMCA Copyright Act 1988, movie piracy is strictly illegal. Moviespie.com does not recommend our users to download and download episodes of the I Am Not A Robot web series from those piracy sites. Users can go at their own risk. For more check our DMCA Policy.

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