‘I’m talking on the phone every day’: James Harden keeps donating water and food during winter storms in Houston, Texas


James Harden has selflessly lent his hand, providing food and water for the city of Houston amid winter storms in Texas.

Harden reported that the state of Texas is currently undergoing a winter crisis with storms across the state. These storms are causing electricity and water drainage for many people in the state.

He spoke highly of Houston and the love he found there:

“I call literally every day. Throughout the day. Trying to impress the city because they showed me a lot of love and respect at that time. I call Houston my home. “

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‘I am forever indebted to the city of Houston’: James Harden has already donated 3,000 meals

James Harden stated that he was always indebted to the city that accepted him with open arms. Even though Harden never found the success he was looking for in Houston, he rightly earned the love and respect of the people.

James has already donated 3,000 meals through his Houston-based restaurant, ‘Thirteen’. Harden also admitted that he has been in contact with the city’s mayor to help the city recover. He also said:

“As far as plumbing is concerned … I have reached out, and I am in contact with some plumbing companies, who have been taking care of seven or eight houses at night, for the past few days. Patching these pipes, Because once the power was back on, pipes started bursting. We’ve seen many cases of this in Houston. “

“I’ve been in contact with the mayor [Sylvester] Turner, the relief gang, just so many people that I know are helping, while I’m not there. Obviously, this is a huge problem, but I try to influence and help it as much as I can while I’m not there. And I will keep it going. It will not stop, as there are many people who have been affected. I can not stop. “

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This is definitely a brilliant gesture by the former MVP. The 8-time All-Star will be welcomed with applause on March 3 when he makes his return to Houston to play the Rockets.

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