IMK First Look: A Tale of Four People’s Road Trip – TheMiracleTech

19 November 2020

Road movie genres are very rare and have never been attempted in Tollywood and Indian cinema. It comes here for the first time and is titled ‘Idhe Maa Katha’ and the first look has also been unveiled.

Sumant Ashwin, Srikanth, Bhumika and Tanya Hope are playing the lead roles in this flick and in the first look these four ride their bikes. Wearing helmets, gloves and shades, all four looked like proper bikers.
‘Socha Maa Katha’ is about how four persons meet and move on with their journey. Guru Pawan is directing the film while top technician Ram Prasad is cranking the camera.

Produced by Mahesh Gola under the Gurappa Parameswara Productions banner, Sunil Kashyap is composing music.

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