In the tallest tower in Riyadh .. These are the specifications of the residence of Ronaldo and his family

After the transfer of the Portuguese international player Cristiano Ronaldo and his family to Saudi Arabia, he became The place where the world star lives The center of the capital, Riyadh, is the focus of attention of many in the world.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” revealed pictures of the hotel suite in which Cristiano Ronaldo and his family reside, describing it as the royal house, which is currently located in the Kingdom Tower until a house is prepared for him to live in during the rest of his time with Al-Nasr Club.

Kingdom Tower in Riyadh - iStock

Kingdom Tower in Riyadh – iStock

The newspaper said that the place where the Portuguese star is located is a royal suite, and it provides him with the best view of the capital in the most wonderful places, and this house is located in one of the tallest buildings in Riyadh.

It consists of two floors and 17 rooms

The suite is also considered one of the best suites in the tower, and it consists of 17 rooms occupied by his family, friends and security personnel, and everything Ronaldo needs is inside this luxurious suite, which is one of the best suites in the 99-storey building, according to the newspaper.

It consists of two floors, and includes: a living room, a private office, a dining room, and a media room, and the royal suite offers less space, but at 2,595 feet, it will still be larger than most apartments in Britain, where Ronaldo lived twice during his spells with Manchester United.

Book in private

Also, the cost of Ronaldo’s hotel suite is not listed on the hotel’s website, and it must be booked privately, as is the case with the adjacent royal suite, but the smaller presidential suite can be booked online, and the cost per night is 3,300 pounds sterling.

And according to the newspaper, Ronaldo will enjoy with his partner Georgina Rodriguez and their five children the most amazing view of the city, and experience the finest foods in their temporary five-star residence until they are provided with a residence.

And the “Daily Mail” mentioned in a previous report that Ronaldo would move to live in one of the luxurious neighborhoods in the Saudi capital, noting that he would be in the Al-Muhammadiyah neighborhood, which is a neighborhood characterized by calm and luxury real estate, or in the Al-Nakheel neighborhood, which is a neighborhood famous for international schools.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi club Al-Nasr announced on Saturday its contract with Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo officially until the summer of 2025, in a deal described as historic.

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