Indiana Jones Game: Bethesda to Work on an Indiana Jones Game with Lucas Films | sport

Bethesda announced the new Indiana Jones game and they are partnering with Lucas Films. The studio behind Wolfenstein will helm the project.

Indiana Jones is a very successful film franchise with a large fan base. The Raiders of the Lost Ark is considered by many to be a cult classic film. A new film is also working on the fifth part. It also has a rich gaming history of 1982.

A game based on the first film was released. It was released for the Atari 2600. Since then many popular games were released on many different consoles. Bethesda was recently Acquired by Microsoft. This is his first major project after a multi-billion dollar deal.

Indiana Jones Untitled Project –

The machine is being developed by Game. He is the creator of Wolfenstein Franchise Games. Yesterday, Disney revealed that Lucasfilms would work in gaming with the launch of a new Lucasfilm game label. The Indiana Jones game will fall under this new label. This marks another push by Disney in the gaming industry.

Details revealed in the video trailer –

The video in the trailer urges through a table with lots of Indiana Jones movie memorabilia. There are papers spread about a camera and books. The iconic Phaedora and Whip popped into the picture before the video ended abruptly.

All of this will certainly leave film fans indifferent and reminiscent of some of their memories. There is also a hint about the game based in Rome.

Indiana Jones new game everything we know so far –

So far we do not know much about the game. The title was not revealed yet. Similarly the release date is also not known yet. states that the game is an “original, standalone story set at the height of the famous adventurer’s career”.

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