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Hyderabad, India, November 5, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Ayurveda is a gift that keeps on giving. When corrected, Ayurveda has helped people overcome various problems of hair and skin. But what most people find difficult is that they do not feel equipped with knowledge about what is the right way to use Ayurveda. But a Hyderabad Based company is busy trying to bridge that gap.

True hair – Earlier this year, the world’s first Ayurvedic hair oil to come with heaters. Most people know how hot oil therapy can help, but what they lack is information on the correct temperature. Small yet compact True heater The oil heats around 65 degrees in about 4 minutes and thanks to the auto cut off technology, it is always heated to the right temperature.

The brand has recognized the need for a convenient and highly beneficial hair care solution in this fast-paced world. True hair oil There is a true amalgamation of the goodness of herbs and the technique of heating the oil. Thoughts of True hair A combination of Ayurveda and technology took shape with a desire.

True hair The oil is free from harsh and harmful chemicals, it is cruelty free and natural and is made in. India. True hair It has broken the myth that products cannot be 100% Indian. From science to technology, Is true hair The team is capable of creating products India, Including electronic devices. The brand believes in creating products India Is a strategic decision that allows them to locate and update their product. In fact, the brand has already launched a second version of the heater in the last month.

The learning curve for MSHarsha has been exciting and interesting; The young entrepreneur who is the face of the brand, “It was very important for us to be truly Indian. When Ayurveda is Indian, we thought why not extend it to all aspects of the product. Including electronics. And people have noticed it. “

The brand has emphasized the importance of aging oil heating technology and has many benefits such as healthy hair growth, reduced hair fall, fighting dandruff, AIDS shine to the hair and more. Hair oil is formulated based on ancient Ayurvedic script and is a mixture of 13 novel herbs like Bhringraj, Amalaki, Hibiscus, Brahmi to name a few. Each of these rare and novel herbs has been chosen because it helps fight hair problems as well as strengthen hair from its roots.

The product is very well priced, affordability plays a huge role in why some people may not be able to invest in their hair care. But not with True hair, At a nominal cost Rs 249, It is a product that everyone can sign up and use regularly.

Another senior member Srinivasan (Sr.VP) states that, “People are curious about the product, they also start using it once. Within the first 6 months of starting, we have People arrive that ‘TRU HAIR’ has become a part of their hair care routine and they have started buying and recommending a product that is a huge morale booster. “

True hair In many ways, Adarsh ​​is an ‘Indian company’. made in India, Supporting locally and locally talent; but that’s not all. True hair An NGO is supporting the education of rural girls by donating 5% of the total billing amount when purchased from its website.

Innovation and integrity and Indianness: True hair Is the right formula for success.

about True hair

True hair Is one Hyderabad Based company that created TRU Hair, Where the company combined the goodness of 13 novel herbs with an effective oil heating technology to produce the desired results. The company provides the world’s first Ayurvedic hair oil with heaters.

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