Indigenous microcopters will find terrorists hiding inside the building, can fly continuously for 2 hours

An Indian Army officer has indigenously developed a ‘microcopter’. Which can be used by the military to look inside a building or room in which terrorists are hidden. The microcopter has been developed by Lt Col GYK Reddy.

Micro-computer examination has been completed efficiently by a Para Special Force Battalion in Jammu and Kashmir. According to the information, some enhancements are being made after testing the microchip. The Indian Army has signed a contract to acquire swap drones for surveillance along the borders. According to Mohit Bansal, Idea Forge, vertical take-off and touchdown drones have the functionality to fly for up to two hours at the highest altitude of 4,500 meters.

DRDO produces first indigenous pistol

DRDO on Wednesday showcased a contemporary pistol, named ASMI. This weapon has been fully developed in India. Till now army forces used 9mm pistols. In its place, it is thought to be a very efficient weapon. This computerized pistol is not just massively large in amplitude, as a result of which the jawans can simply be carried throughout the operation. It can simply penetrate its target up to 100 meters. It falls in the Israeli UZI Collection gun class.

Tech’s first mango bulletproof jacket made

The Indian Army has achieved another special achievement. Army Major Anoop Mishra has developed the world’s first common bulletproof jacket. This indigenous bulletproof jacket is called ‘Shakti’. The special function of this jacket is that every man and woman will be able to apply it, which makes it completely different from the rest of the bulletproof jacket. In addition, this jacket may also be the world’s first versatile body armor.

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