Institute for Real Growth Announces ‘IRG100’ Selected Participants for IRG CMO Leadership Program 2021 – Tech

New York, 19 November 2020 / PRNewswire / – The Institute for Real Growth (IRG) today announced ‘IRG100’ – a list of 100 Chief Marketing Officers and other senior development leaders selected for its 2021 IRG100 Leadership Program.

This year ‘IRG100 ‘ Board members and senior development leaders from Adidas, CVS Health, DoorDash, EY, GSK, IKEA, Mondelez, P&G, Volkswagen, and HSBC.

The IRG100 Leadership Program helps leaders drive greater human development by connecting with peers, experts and best practices. The program consists of 20 online work sessions and concludes with the IRG Summit ear, June 2021.

“The IRG program is unique as the world’s 100 leading CMOs and development leaders learn and collaborate in an environment of mutual trust, fully focused on their personal and professional development journey.” Says Frank van den Drift, IRG founder.

The collective knowledge of participants, communicated with IRG research and expertise, applied to real business and leadership development opportunities, makes for a powerful and very practical mix. “ Connects Marc de Swan Aaron, IRG founder.

‘IRG100’ – The list of invited leaders of this year can be found below. More information, including participant bios, can be found at www.instituteforrealgrowth.com/IRG2021-participants.html

The Institute for Real Growth is a non-profit and independent organization supported by WPP, Facebook, Google, Sales force, Kantar, Linkedin, To NYU School of Professional Studies (NYUSPS), Sa NYd Business School at University of Oxford, To Excitor group And Spencer stuart.

The program curriculum is based on a behavioral analysis of more than 650 senior business leaders, 3,500 on-line survey contributions from 73 countries and publicly available LinkedIn data from 3 million members.

For more information, and to apply for next year’s IRG100 Leadership Program, please see www.instituteforrealgrowth.com

The IRG100 Leadership Program 2021 participants are:

Adriana rias, Head of Brand and Communications Latam 3M company

Akshat Peeparseniya, Director, Revenue Management at Unilever

Alberto levy, Global CMO at Grupo Bimbo

Alison Witherspoon, CMO U.S. at Nissan.

Andesa Natsuben, In Old Mutual, CMO

Andrew Dearing, Global Director Skin Health at Colgate-Palmolive

Andrew Balint, VP Marketing, ANZ on Afterpay

Andrew Monu, Director, Marketing on LinkedIn

Anne Boza-Lobo, VP Marketing at IBM

Arifa Sheikh |Partner Consulting Division at Cantor

Ash tailor, VP Global Brand and Marketing at Legoland

Brad watt, Chief Education Officer at Colgate-Palmolive

Brian Rakowski, Head of global brands at Mondelez

Caroline HadackFormer Regional Marketing Director at Airbnb

Carrie ClotzKaplan, CMO at North America

Carrie Timms, VP Global Media at Unilever

Cedric Ollibet, General Manager Innovation Accelerator at Colgate-Palmolive

Charlotte Robinson, Global Head of Brand Planning at De Bearers Group

Cheng Hung (Brian) Hui, Head of Customers and Marketing at HSBC

Cindy TervoortCEO Birwulf at Heineken

Damon Burrell, SVP, Corporate Marketing, NA in Estee Lauder Companies

Diego Rickald, V.P. in Coca-Cola

Drew Ottu, VP Global Marketing at Merck

Emma botan, Group Marketing Communications Director at Tesco

Fabio ValientePartner Consulting Division at Cantor

Federico Salinity, Rulex, CMO

Frank Harsenap, CMO at Pepsi-Lipton

Frans-Jan van Roengen, Global VP Branding and Marketing EMEA at Wavin

Gail Horwood, CMO North America in Kellogg

Heather stewart, Global Media and Marketing Services at General Motors, G.D.

Jamie BothwellEMA’s Marketing Head in the document

Jay lister, Director Consumer Insight at Adidas

Jean Paul Laurent, Founder and CEO at Unspoken Smiles

Jelina The van, Regional Marketing VP on Tues.

Jennifer Sainz, President- Global Foods Group at PepsiCo

John halverson, VP Consumer Experience at Mondelez

John suarez-davis, Marketing strategy and innovation in SVP, Salesforce

Juan Manuel Hoyos Placeholder Image, Global Head Brand and Engagement at Nissan

Julie yufe, Leading development markets, Europe Ab in invev

Cara reef, VP Marketing Transformation on Mars

Kate mackay, Global GTM Director at EY

Katie mclister, TUI, CMO

Kofi Amu-Gotfried, VP Marketing at Gatekeeper

Constantino Delliellis, VP Infant in Craft Heinz

Ku-hi Lee, Head of project house in Volkswagen China

Lex Bradshaw-Singer, CMO, UK & Ireland In l’oreal

Leena githukaManaging Director at Kenya Wine Agencies Ltd.

Lorraine Barber-Miller, Chief marketing and e-commerce officer at Philips

Luca Zerbini, Managing Partner at Peak Point

Lucy Litwack, Owner and CEO of Coco de Mer

Luiz Aruda, CMO officer in Porto Segro

Luiz Barros, Global Marketing VP, data and media at AB InBev

Marcus Dennison-Smith, Marketing Director at Caffè Nero

Marissa Solis, SVP, core brands, media, participation in PepsiCo – Frito Lay

Mark evansManaging Director, Marketing and Digital in Direct Line Group

Marla Skico, Global head of US and media at Ford

Meredith Herman, VP Global Marketing Service at GSK

Michelle Kehill, Global head of digital marketing at Merck

Michelle klein, VP Global Business & Customer on Facebook

Mike collinson, Senior Director, Brand and Customer Experience and IT at Mazda Canada

Mike romoff, Head of global agency and channel sales on LinkedIn

Murat Zengin, CMO Officer at OPT

Oya Canbus, GM and Consumer Health for the UK Ireland On bayer

Ozgur Origel, CMO in Tofaş

Patricia Corsi, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer at Bayer Consumer Care

Peter wright, CMO and IKEA

Peter GeiligFord, Director Brand and Marketing Communications Europe On ford

Rafael Narvez Gill, Chief Marketing and R&D Officer on Mars

Raquale Zuzarte, VP in The Washington Post

Ryan MajormanHead of Consumer Marketing at Philips

Rudolph Wilson, Global CMO Officer at SC Johnson

Scott Gregory, VP RX and Health Services Marketing at CVS Health

Sean sumers, CMO at Mercado Libre

Sebastian Micozzi, SVP Digital and Bacardi Change Global Brands

Shuwadeep Banerjee, VP Marketing Services at ITC Limited

Siew Ting Fu, Global VP at HP Inc.

Simon walsh, COO Retail Annuity at New York Life Insurance Company

Cry cry, VP H&A Marketing at LG Electronics Inc.

Sophie Malligno, CMO at Total Direct Energy

Steven Young, CMO at Poshmark

Allchurch, Key Outreach and Engagement at UN Global Compact

Sylvia Mulling, CCO on Safaricom PLC

Taed Guajardo, VP brand, Europe At Procter & Gamble

Tamara Rogers, CMO in GSK

Tariq Hassan |, CMO at Petco

Tifen Dano Kavan, CMO on Dropbox

Tina Beachler, Global Head of Media at Nestle Nutrition SA

Victoria Southern, Marketing Director at Carey Foods

Waqas Ahmed, Founder on DaVinci Network

Will rosettiDirector of Analytics and Interaction at Lloyds Bank

Wojciech Halrevik, VP Communications and Public Affairs at Mazda

Xu Chao Lin, CMO at Globallegro

Jenna Arnold, Global Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, Kimberly-Clarke

Zeynep demarcol, Group Director Turk Ekonomi Bancassi

Zinep Yaleem-Uzoon, CMO at Arcelik Group

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