Integrated Odisha State Scholarship Portal

Integrated Odisha State Scholarship Portal Scholarship.Odisha.GOV by the Government of Odisha on 28 October 2020. Has been launched. This scholarship is from the Government of Odisha. Portal automation is for effective and effective management of scholarship schemes. About 21 scholarship schemes from 6 major departments were brought under one platform. All eligible students can log in through the Odisha State Scholarship Portal. About 11 lakh + beneficiaries of Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes, Other Backward Classes and Educationally Backward Classes to benefit from this service.

Odisha State Scholarship Portal – Scholarship

The new Odisha State Scholarship Portal will help eligible students to avail scholarship programs in a smooth and transparent manner. Aadhaar-based registration, integration with other on-line platforms / data-base such as Shimla, e-District portal, BSE database related features inbuilt into the architecture to reduce duplication and ensure leak free scholarship delivery Huh.

The State Scholarship Portal has been directly linked with the State Treasury Portal IFMS for automatic payment to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries. This new Odisha State Scholarship Portal will reduce duplication and ensure leak-free scholarship distribution.

Integrated Odisha State Scholarship Portal

With the use of technology, Government of Odisha. The general public is going to provide the best services at their convenience with efficiency and transparency. The new integrated Odisha State Scholarship Portal will reduce the distance b / w Govt. Departments and prospective students. All interested students can apply for the scholarship from their homes within the specified time limit. As this portal has been linked to the state treasury, scholarship money for students can now be deposited directly into registered bank accounts. Here is the official link to access the integrated Odisha State Scholarship Portal –

How to apply for scholarship on Odisha State Scholarship Portal

Prior to the introduction of the scholarship portal, applications for department-wise schemes were invited through the state scholarship portal. However, to ensure transparency and accountability in scholarship administration, this portal came into existence. Given below is the step wise description of the application process. To apply the scholarship, the eligible students need to follow the steps given below: –

Phase 1: If you are a new user, click on the registration link on the portal. The existing user can click on the login button.

stage 2: Enter Aadhaar number and proceed.

step 3: Check your registered mobile or email to get the user ID and password.

Odisha Government Schemes 2021Popular schemes in Odisha:Kalia Scheme Beneficiary ListOdisha Ration Card ListCEO Odisha Voter List / ID Card Download

step 4: Click on the login link on the portal and enter the user ID and password to apply for the scholarship.

Step 5: Provide all the necessary details like student, educational, eligibility and bank information.

Step 6: Click the “Save as draft” button to draft the information or click the “Miracle” button to save the scholarship form and proceed.

Step 7: A preview of the completed form will appear on the page. Download the form and take a print out of it. Check the scholarship list through the link –

Odisha State Scholarship Portal Scholarship List

This unitary scholarship portal can now deal with scholarships offered by ST&SC Department, Higher Education Department, School and Public Education Department, Labor and ESI Department. Skill Development & Technical Education Department and Department of Agriculture. Around 6 lakh students are benefiting from the program under the Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Tribes Development Department alone. Odisha is an example for other states to bring change through five programs today.

Main documents required for Odisha State Scholarship Portal

The complete list of main documents required to apply for the scholarship on Odisha State Scholarship Portal is as follows: –

  • Aadhaar Number
  • Applicant Photo
  • income certificate
  • caste certificate
  • Special certificate
  • Resident certificate
  • Passbook front page for details of student bank account
  • Matriculation Certificate (in case of non-matriculated ITI courses)
  • Previous exam certificate

Scholarship Approved / Know Your Status

Here are the direct links to check the scholarship and can know the status of the scholarship: –

Scholarship approved –

Know your status –

List of Schemes and Eligibility (Department wise)

  1. Department of Agriculture and FE – Kalia Scholarship.
  2. Higher Education Department – Gopabandhu Bruti, Senior Merit and Technical and Professional and PG Merit e-Medhabruti, Fakirmohana Vasa Bruti.
  3. Department of Labor and ESI – Children of the building.
  4. School and Mass Education Department – Junior Merit, Primary Merit (Class – 3 to 4), Primary Poverty cum Merit Poverty (Class 3 to 4), Upper Primary (Class 5 to 6), NRTS Scholarship (9 to 10), Upper Primary Poverty Merit Scholarship (Class 5 to 6), Pathani Feudal Mathematics – 1 (Class – 6 to 8), Pathani Feudal Mathematics – 2 (Class – 9 to 10), Pathani Feudal Mathematics – 3 (Class – 11 to 12).
  5. Skill Development and Technical Education Department – Merit-less-poverty stipend, Sudakshi for Girls Child, Merit Scholarship, BOC Scholarship, Banishree – A scheme of scholarship for students with disabilities.
  6. ST & SC & MBC Welfare Department – Post Matric Scholarship, Pre Matric Scholarship.

About State Scholarship Portal

A large section of the potential workforce of Odisha is unemployed with a literacy rate of 76.04% and the number of dropouts failing to enroll or complete any form of higher education is increasing. According to a report by MHRD, one of the major reasons students go out of school or colleges is poverty or economic problems. Apart from financial blockage, lack of awareness about educational scholarship, its outreach and its application process are also some of the major factors in increasing dropout numbers in the state.

Odisha State Scholarship Portal Envisioned to bridge the gap between scholarship providers and scholarship seekers. This will encourage more students to stay in the system. The 6 major departments of the state have rode this common platform for duplication and leak-free scholarship distribution. The portal validates students’ applications online based on Aadhaar authentication. It is a one stop database for scholarships and provides a transparent dashboard for the institute and department to check the status of the application. Through this portal, scholarships can be distributed directly to the bank accounts of selected students.

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