Inter-caste marriage benefit scheme 2021 in Maharashtra | Inter-caste marriage benefit scheme Maharashtra [Antarjatiya Vivah]

Inter caste marriage scheme benefit application form pdf [Inter Caste Marriage (Antar Jati Vivah) Scheme Maharashtra in Hindi 2021[Eligibility, Form , आंतरजातीय विवाह अनुदान, प्रोत्साहन राशि, Benefits, Marathi] Interracial marriage benefits how to apply online, make love marriage

Caste is very important in our country and due to this there is a lot of discrimination in our country, but the government keeps making plans to reduce this discrimination from time to time. A few years ago a plan was made by the Maharashtra state government to encourage inter-caste marriages and to eliminate caste discrimination, under which Rs 50,000 was given as incentive. But this year this incentive amount has been increased by Rs. 2.50 lakhs more in this scheme.

Information about the launch of Inter-caste Marriage Benefit Scheme (Launch Details)

Information Points Scheme Information
Scheme Name Interracial marriage planning maharashtra
Launch of the plan By Maharashtra State Government
Total reward given in the scheme 3 lakh rupees
Launched Date Year 2010

Inter caste marriage scheme Marriage benefit (inter-caste marriage benefit in Maharashtra)

The main benefit from this scheme launched by the Maharashtra government is that the scheme has been introduced to bring equality in all religions by reducing caste discrimination. There are many people who perform interracial marriages and by doing so they are expelled from their society. But now the government will be given an amount of Rs 3 lakh to start a new life through this scheme.

Inter caste marriage scheme Maharashtra Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme Features)

There are several features of this scheme which are as follows –

  • Amount for the scheme: – Under this scheme, a total amount of Rs. 3 lakh will be given to the beneficiary, including Rs. 50,000 by the state government and Rs. 2.50 lakh by Dr. Ambedkar Foundation.
  • Special for the scheme: – This amount will be specially given to the young man or woman who has married a young man and woman of an unknown caste or tribe.
  • Bank Account: – The amount provided in this scheme will be deposited in the young man or woman’s bank account. For this, they have to have their own bank account.

Inter caste marriage scheme Maharashtra Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme eligibility criteria)

For this it is necessary to meet the following eligibility criteria.

  • Maharashtra Permanent Resident: – Since this scheme has been started by the Government of Maharashtra, it is necessary for the youth and the girl to be resident of the state of Maharashtra to take advantage of it.
  • Age of young man and woman: – To get the amount received in the scheme, the age of the young man and the woman should not be less than 21 years and 18 years respectively.
  • Should be of scheduled caste or tribe: – It is mandatory for any one of the married couple to be a part of this scheme to have a relationship with an unknown caste or tribe.
  • Eligibility according to caste: – Under this scheme, if a young man or woman belonging to a scheduled caste or tribe marries a backward class or a general class youth or a girl, then only they can avail the scheme.
  • Court Marriage: – Marriage of married couple is mandatory to get the amount received by the government. This amount will be given only to the couple who do the court marriage.

Inter caste marriage scheme Maharashtra Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme Required documents)

It is very important to have the following documents with the young man or woman joining this scheme –

  • Aadhar Card :- The Aadhar card launched by the government is the most important ID card in today’s time. Therefore, it is mandatory for both the young man and the woman to have their Aadhaar card.
  • Age certificate: – Age has been fixed for this scheme, so they must also submit their age certificate for this.
  • caste certificate :- Caste has been given importance in this scheme, so both the young man and the woman will have to give their caste certificate in the married couple.
  • Passport Size Photo: – It is mandatory for the married couple to give a passport size in the form of photo after marriage.
  • Proof of court marriage: – This scheme is only for the couple performing court marriage. Therefore, they will also have to submit the certificate of marriage done in the court.

Inter caste marriage scheme Application form Maharashtra PDF (inter caste marriage benefits maharashtra how to apply online)

You can apply for the scheme through the following process –

  • If you are eligible for this scheme then you must first get its official Website Have to visit
  • As soon as you go to this website, you will see the form in this plan, open it. And now for the application, fill all the information asked in it carefully and accurately.
  • After filling the form carefully, you will upload all the relevant documents in the form along with it and then submit the form by clicking on the submit button.

In our country, caste discrimination has been going on for a long time, this step taken by the Maharashtra government to reduce it can prove very effective. This step will give impetus to inter-caste marriages and at the same time the amount received in this scheme will help the young man and woman to build their future and start a new life.

Interracial Marriage Benefit Scheme FAQ

Q. Where will Maharashtra get inter caste marriage benefits application form?

Ans on the website

Q. How much money is received under Inter caste marriage benefit scheme?

Ans 3 Lakh

Q. Why is the Inter caste marriage benefit scheme being run?

Ans so that these marriages are accepted by the society

Q. Who is the official website of Inter-caste Marriage Benefit Scheme?


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