Interesting feature of RP in Anil Ravipudi’s film

The veteran actor was seen in four of the director’s four films, as was the pair of Bonomi Anil Ravipudi and Rajendra Prasad.

Anil Ravipudi presented his close friend S Krishna’s debut production venture ‘Gali Sampat’, for which Rajendra Prasad was zeroed in to play the title role.

Anil Ravipudi has presented the screenplay for the film which will entertain him.

Shri Vishnu and Lovely Singh are prominent actors in emotional entertainment, emphasizing the father-son bond.

Another interesting revelation about the Aneesh Krishna directing project will be seen as a mute spectator.

Sri Vishnu who is known for choosing various roles is happy to work with Rajendra Prasad and the scenes between the two are said to be the best part in the film.

Regular shooting of the film starts today, in collaboration with Shine Screen, produced by Image Screen Entertainment.

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