Is Howard more or less intelligent than the gang in Big Bang Theory? – Tech

As the friend who is “less” smart, because he doesn’t have a doctorate, we’re ready to see what Howard’s IQ might be.

Howard Wolowitz (played by Simon Helberg) He is often mocked by his group of brilliant scientific friends for lack of a PhD. An engineer who has also gone into space has no doubt about the fact that Howard is far more talented. And although high intelligence does not necessarily translate into success or happiness in real life, we always brag about our IQ in ‘The Big Bang Theory’! They often regard Howard as being “less” than others because he is not a doctor. But is he less intelligent? since IQ is a big deal on the show, we thought we would see how Howard acted against his friends in terms of his IQ level?.

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  • Is Howard really that awesome?
  • Here’s how Howard matches up with his friends

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Is Howard really that awesome?

Howard’s IQ Can come to around 150, which easily makes him more intelligent than most people. He is a good engineer with an ex-astronaut from MIT, and knows a lot about his field. He also builds whole robots for fun! However, he makes mistakes while going about his work, which makes us wonder if he really has practicality and basic understanding.

Howard and Sheldon are often at loggerheads to find out who is smarter, and due to the lack of just one doctorate, Howard sniffed a lot. Howard also proved that he is as clever as Sheldon when Sheldon started teaching Howard at Caltech, but he was left behind due to a lack of a PhD.

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Here’s how Howard matches up with his friends

As we said earlier, IQs do not matter much in reality. But they make a kind of (limited) measuring scale for intelligence, used a lot in ’12 season ‘Big bang theory’. Now that we know Howard has an IQ, let’s take a look at how he compares against his friends.

First, his wife Bernadette, whose IQ could easily be around 160. His hard-earned Ph.D. Degree in microbiology and career in developmental medicine, Bernadette certainly seems a smart cookie. Raj, Howard’s best friend, could easily have an IQ of 170 with his notable career as an astrophysicist. Raj works hard, seems honest and passionate about his work, and his contribution to the field is considered remarkable.

Leonard has a solid IQ of 173, one of the only characters whose IQ is mentioned in the series. He is smart, has written several academic papers in his field, and has also presented them at conferences. Another character whose IQ is directly referenced on the show is Sheldon, with an IQ of impossible 187. A genius and through, Sheldon attended college before he was in his teens. He is so smart, and so easy to understand abstract and difficult concepts, that he often believes that everyone else is on the same page with him.

Howard has more than one member of the IQ gang: Penny, who did not go to college, and whose IQ can be about an average, so may be around 110 or less. However, one can say that Penny is smarter than many of them Because he has the basic skills to get a life: he is sociable, socially competent and well-adjusted. No matter how high (or low?) Howard’s IQ is, he is still loved by fans for his goofy and adorable social ineptitude!

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