Is it true that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are dating?

Son Ye Jin is a South Korean actress with so much tension and fame in romantic films. Son Ye Jin is popular for his amazing roles in several Korea and television series, and in particular The Crash of the Destrones in You and in the Rain Drama. Rumors have been circulating for a year recently about Hyun Bin’s dating with son Ye Jin that he is starring in “The Crash Landing on You” Korean series.

Is the son Ye Jin single or ready to mingle?

Currently Son You Jin is a status single and her love life is not as big in real life as she is doing in reel life. She wants to get married at the age of 34, but is not able to get her perfect ideal person in her life because she is focusing solely on her career rather than her personal life.

At a very young age, she came into the industry and began to pursue her professional life, where she did not have time for a proper dating period. He also demonstrated that his dating life is non-existent due to the demands of his career in the industry.

Son Ye Jin dated his co-stars, which gave the pair a big hit:

  • Earlier in their dating life, son Ye Jin has been dating Kim Naam Gil in 2013 where they are spotted together on the set of Shark films as costar. Even after this shark filming, they often live together in their homes. In addition, they are rumored to have traveled to Japan for a date but in the end, their agencies denied the rumors.
  • After the drama ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’, Son Ye Jin has been the subject of discussion with Jung Joo in the film. At the time of filming, where the play is also a romantic plot, the audience itself predicts that something is wrong with Suno Jin and Grass, such as going to the amusement park together even after the series ends.

What are the recent rumors of Son Ye Jin’s dating life?

As we all know that crash landing on you reached another level in 2020, where son Ye Jin has starred alongside Hyun Bin, the media spotted him together on 10 January 2019 in Los Angeles where they were in the US I went for a holiday and have dinner together. These couples also spent a good time together in the set of CLOY which seems intense and cute.

Fans are waiting for Son Ye Jin to pair up with Hyun Bin in any drama as well as in real life.

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